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The winner is ...

Many thanks to all who entered the 400th post contest. I believe I counted 40 entrants, which is cool. And I didn't have to do any fancy tinkering to come up with a winner, which is nice, too. We have a clear-cut one this time.

The contest question concerned my quest to complete the 2006 Topps flagship set. As you recall, I bought so many cards that I came close to completing the set not once, but twice. The question was: how many cards short was I of completing a second set?

Well, if you did some snooping around on Night Owl Cards, which I'm assuming some of you did, you would have come up with one hell of a hint. I eluded to my "second-set bid" in an earlier post. I didn't give the exact number, but you would've come close if you found that post. (I re-edited the post a day into the contest, as I didn't intend for people to be able to research the answer).

The post said that I came around 10 cards short of finishing a second set. The exact number is: nine. And Matt R. of Project Baseball 1976 guessed that number on the button. I just sent Matt some cards for winning an earlier "stealth" contest that I ran, so that makes him a back-to-back winner! (C'mon, Matt give someone else a chance).

I'll be sending Matt's winnings out by the end of the week. This is what he won:

-- Six 2008 Topps Heritage Series 400 minis
-- 15 random 2009 Topps Attax cards
-- 20 random 2009 Topps Heritage cards
-- A 1993 Upper Deck Derek Jeter rookie card
-- A 1989 Topps Randy Johnson rookie card
-- A 1989 Topps Bob Welch error card
-- A 1990-91 Score Eric Lindros rookie card
-- Six 1986 Leaf "Stand-Up" cards
-- A 1983 Topps Ozzie Smith card
-- A 1983 Donruss Ryne Sandberg rookie card (see above)
-- 20 random cards from the 1970s
-- A 1960 Topps card of a nobody
-- A 1954 Topps card of a nobody
-- A 2004 Topps Fan Favorites certified autograph card of Jack Morris

Matt, I hope you enjoy your loot.

The second part of the question was for tie-breaking purposes only. It's interesting that only one person guessed one of the nine cards that I needed. If no one had guessed the first part of the question, that person would have been the winner.

Here are the nine cards that I need to complete a second set:

-- #33 - Mike Lieberthal
-- #42 - Reed Johnson
-- #45 - Greg Maddux
-- #63 - Desi Relaford
-- #111 - Eurbiel Durazo
-- #174 - Corey Patterson
-- #533 - Scott Hatteberg
-- #631 - Dan Uggla
-- #642 - Brian Bannister

Flash, of Dropped Third Strike, guessed Dan Uggla.

Again, thanks for playing. And thanks for making this blogging experience so enjoyable.


Matt Runyon said…
Wow!! This is great! :)