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Cap questions

It's still a couple of months away from Rickey Henderson's induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame, but timeliness is for newspapers. Here, I get to write whatever I want whenever I want.

And, like many fans, I am interested in what cap a player will wear on his plaque when he's in the Hall of Fame. Henderson's plaque will feature him wearing an A's cap, as it should be. He played for many teams, but his most memorable moments were with the A's, for the most part.

In this era of players switching teams every four years, the Hall's task of deciding who wears what cap is more difficult than it once was. To illustrate, I've selected some current players who might be appearing in the Hall some day and will determine what cap I think they should wear. I've included several choices for each player so you can play along.

I know I've left some players out, as I simply pulled some of this year's cards. So if you want to debate whether Mike Piazza should go in as a Dodger or Met (hint: pick L.A.), you'll have to do it on your own time.

Here we go:

Should Trevor Hoffman go in the Hall with the:

a) Florida Marlins?
b) San Diego Padres?
c) Milwaukee Brewers?

Answer: Super easy one to start. Padres all the way. All but two years of his career have been with the Padres.

Should Ken Griffey Jr. go in the Hall with the:

a) Seattle Mariners?
b) Cincinnati Reds?
c) Chicago White Sox?

Answer: I think this is fairly simple. Griffey attained fame as a Seattle Mariner. Almost all of his notable moments are with the Mariners. And his return to Seattle this year has been hailed as the perfect end to a career.

Should Joe Torre go in the Hall with the:

a) Atlanta Braves?
b) Los Angeles Dodgers?
c) New York Mets?
d) New York Yankees?
e) St. Louis Cardinals?

Answer: Torre will be in the Hall for his managerial achievements, and only his job for the Yankees was Hall worthy. So, even though I consider him a Cardinal, he will go in as a Yankee.

Should Frank Thomas go in the Hall with the:

a) Oakland A's?
b) Toronto Blue Jays?
c) Chicago White Sox?

Answer: First, check out the elbow guard on Thomas in that card. Wow, I can't stop staring at that. It's bigger than his shoulders. Anyway, Thomas is a White Sox player. Anything else is just wrong.

Should Manny Ramirez (provided PEDs doesn't keep him out) go in with the:

a) Los Angeles Dodgers?
b) Cleveland Indians?
c) Boston Red Sox?

Answer: First of the PED guys. If you think of Manny Being Manny and all that it entails, you think of him as a Red Sox player. The MBM phenomenon grew out of his days with the Red Sox. So as much as Boston fans now despise Ramirez (I may have a story for later on that someday), if he ever gets in the Hall, he'll be wearing that "B."

Should Omar Vizquel go in the Hall with the:

a) San Francisco Giants?
b) Cleveland Indians?
c) Seattle Mariners?

Answer: He could make the Hall don't you think? He began his career in Seattle and likely will end it in San Francisco, but he's a Cleveland Indian.

Should Ivan Rodriguez go in the Hall with the:

a) Houston Astros?
b) Florida Marlins?
c) Texas Rangers?
d) Detroit Tigers?
e) New York Yankees?

Answer: Some memorable moments with the Marlins and Tigers, but he's definitely a Texas Ranger.

Should Alex Rodriguez go in the Hall with the:

a) Texas Rangers?
b) Seattle Mariners?
c) New York Yankees?

Answer: Again, PEDs may play a role. As much as I hate it when the Yankees claim ownership of any player who wore a Yankee uniform (Paul O'Neill DID win a World Series with the Reds, you know), I'm pretty sure he'll be in there as a Yankee. Especially if he breaks the all-time HR record.

Should Vladimir Guerrero go in the Hall with the:

a) Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of California of the United States of North America of the Western Hemisphere of Planet Earth?
b) Montreal Expos?

Answer: Guerrero's still got a little more time to go, but if he keeps going, I think he'll make the Hall and go in as an Angel.

Should Randy Johnson go in the Hall with the:

a) Houston Astros?
b) Arizona Diamondbacks?
c) Montreal Expos?
d) Seattle Mariners?
e) New York Yankees?

Answer: Wouldn't it be cool if the Hall threw everyone a curve and put an Expos cap on him? This one is a toughie. He did a lot to raise up a Seattle Mariner franchise, but I think he did even more for the Diamondbacks. So I say he's a Diamondback.

Should Greg Maddux go in the Hall with the:

a) Atlanta Braves?
b) Chicago Cubs?
c) Los Angeles Dodgers?
d) San Diego Padres?

Answer: The Cubs and Braves fans can slug it out over this one. If I had to pick, I'd pick the Braves. He won a world title with them (his stats were crazy that year).

Should Gary Sheffield go in the Hall with the:

a) Atlanta Braves?
b) Milwaukee Brewers?
c) Los Angeles Dodgers?
d) Florida Marlins?
e) San Diego Padres?
f) Detroit Tigers?
g) New York Mets?
h) New York Yankees?

Answer: Should I list all of his Little League teams, too? Remember the days when a much-traveled player meant a modestly talented player? Again, PEDs may be a factor here. This is also difficult, but given that he never stayed in one spot for very long, you have to look at what he achieved in each place. Doesn't get any better than winning a championship. So Sheffield goes in with the Marlins.

Should Mike Mussina go in the Hall with the:

a) Baltimore Orioles?
b) New York Yankees?

Answer: Last one. And for me, it's the toughest of all. My heart says the Orioles. My gut says the Yankees. He seemed much more dominant with the Orioles, but who knows. It'll be interesting if/when it happens.

So what do you think?


steveisjewish said…
this was a lot of fun - piazza - METS!
Anonymous said…
Trevor Hoffman - San Diego
Ken Griffey Jr. - Seattle
Joe Torre - Yankees
Frank Thomas - White Sox
Manny Ramirez - Boston
Omar Vizquel - Cleveland
Ivan Rodriguez - Texas
A-Rod - If he never played another game, Seattle. When he's finally done, it will probably be a Yankee cap though.
Vlad - Montreal
Randy Johnson - Seattle
Greg Maddux - Atlanta
Gary Sheffield - If he makes it, give him a Catfish Hunter-style blank cap. He's played for too many teams. I wouldn't vote for him.

Which hat would you give Barry Bonds if he were voted in - Pittsburgh or San Francisco?
night owl said…
It would have to be the (*cough, cough, gasp, wheeze*) Giants.
AdamE said…
Henderson = A's
Hoffman = Padres
Griffey = Mariners
Torre =Yankees (grudgingly)
Thomas = White Sox (No Brainer)
Manny = Red Sox (I would say if at all but I realy think that in 10 years the whole steroid thing will have blown over and he willbe a shoe in)
Vizquel = Indians (marginal HOF canidate like Jim Rice close but doesn't have RSN to back him up)
Pudge = Rangers (if he makes it)
A-Rod = Yankees
Vlad = Doesn't make it
Johnson = Diamondbacks (would that make him the first)
Maddux = Sorry Cub fans he spent a few seasons in Chicago but Maddux is forever a Brave
Sheffield = Doesn't make it because he is an @$$ #%^& and the media hates him
Musina = Lots of New York media gives him a NY hat.

How about McGwire??

If some how some way he gets there (veterans committe in 2020?)
McGwire would be the hardest pick of all. Most of his home runs came with the A's but he broke the record as a Cardinal. I say Cardinals.
AdamE said…
Bonds = Giants
deal said…
I got two one time Phillies or folks to think about

Jim Thome and Curt Schilling.
AdamE said…
Here is another hard on if he makes it, Clemens.

20K game as a Red Sox
WS Titles for multiple teams
Cy Young for multiple teams

I say...I don't know
Cuntry Trash said…
Rickey Henderson - Oakland, no question.
Trever Hoffman - Padres
Ken Griffey Jr - Seattle, no question
Joe Torre - Yankees (as a MGR), no question
Frank Thomas - Sox, no question
Manny - Should not be in HOF, sorry.
Omar Vizquel - Cleveland
Ivan Rodriguez - Texas
A-Rod - Not HOF material-- if Barry or Mcgwire doesn't get in, he surely won't.
Vlad - Angels
Randy Johnson - this is the hardest, but I say the Dbacks.
Greg Maddux - Braves, no question
Gary Sheffield - not HOF material
Mussina - Yanees since he racked up more stats with the pinstripes, but he was much better as an O.
AdamE said…
Thome is an Indian in my head still.

I predict Schilling will be the first blogger to actually get to cast a real HOF ballett and he votes for himself.
hiflew said…
I think one of the more interesting choices would be Fred McGriff when he HOPEFULLY gets elected. One of the more consistent players of the era, 493 homers and no hint of PED usage.

I would choose the Braves, begrudgingly, although I could see the Blue Jays as well.
dayf said…
If the Hall puts Greg Maddux in as a Cub, I'm setting the building on fire.
--David said…
I agree AdamE, Thome is an Indian all the way. Vizquel is definitely Tribe. Manny? Frankly, if he should ever get in, anyone else can have him...
deal said…
I putting Maddux in as a Cub just so I can see Dayf go pyro
Motherscratcher said…
I went through and picked before I read yours and we were the same on all of them until the end.

Sheffield - I picked the Brewers because that is what uni he was wearing when I used to be excited about getting one of his cards. Also, Sheff forced his way out of Milwaukee and probably wouldn't want to go in as a Brewer...and F*** Sheffield, that's why.

Mussina - Orioles without question.

A few more thoughts:

Thome - Tribe, without a doubt.

Ramirez - As much as I am A Tribe fan, he has to go in as a Red Sox (Sock?).

Oh, and I think that all of the PED guys (A Rod, Sosa, McGwire, Bonds, Manny) should go in.
skoormit said…
If the Hall of Fame isn't for guys like Vizquel, I'm not sure what the point is.

The Big Unit's best years were with the DBacks, by far. He will be the first Arizona hat in the Hall.

Maddux is a Brave. And I still can't believe he's not pitching any more.

Shef should be the first player to buck the team hat trend and just go in with a MLB logo on his cap.

Moose is a Yankee.
PunkRockPaint said…
Good, solid choices all. Randy Johnson is a toughie... Hall of fame, sure. What hat? I dunno.
Ben said…
Rickey Henderson - A's
Trever Hoffman - Padres
Ken Griffey Jr - Mariners. I know he played in Cincy for a long time, but I always think of Junior in a Seattle uniform.
Joe Torre - Yankees I guess, I'm not really a Joe Torre fan. Even though he was a Brave and managed the Braves and now manages my other favorite team, I just can't like him because of the Yankees.
Frank Thomas - White Sox.
Manny Ramirez- I never thought he was Hall worthy, even before the PED issue. He's too immature.
Omar Vizquel - Indians
Ivan Rodriguez - Rangers
Ales Rodriguez - I don't care. Steroids or not, I've never liked him.
Vladimir Guerrero - I always think of him as an Expo.
Randy Johnson - Mariners
Greg Maddux - I'm with Dayf on this one.
Gary Sheffield - I don't know.
Mussina - Orioles.
capewood said…
Doesn't the player get to pick what team he is enshrined as? I'm remembering Jim Bunning who spent his first 9 years with the Tigers and the next 4 with the Phillies, then came back to 2 years later. He also played for the Pirates and Dodgers. He is in the Hall as a Phillie. I seem to remember that he chose to go into the Hall as a Phillie.
night owl said…
Nope, the player doesn't pick anymore.

The Hall changed it after there were rumors that Tampa Bay was going to compensate Wade Boggs if he chose to go in the Hall as a Devil Ray. The Hall said, "OK, enough of that, we're handling that from now on."

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