Thursday, December 29, 2011

I do indeed have no energy left, therefore you must look at the next cards I'm going to order through the Diamond Giveaway that I said I was finished with just a mere few days ago ... so there

Card #1:

I am now CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED to complete the always-planned-but-much-procrastinated trifecta of Best Glasses In The History Of Baseball Cards posts. (Post 1, Post 2). Once I received this card, I fully expect it to win the third and final countdown. If it doesn't, it means I have either gone on an online frenzy to find other freakishly bespectacled ballplayers, or I particularly hate the Braves on that specific day.

Card #2:

Look! Curt Motton is wearing a cap with a refrigerator magnet "M" taped to it!


That's an airbrush job?

Well, OK.

But I liked it better when I thought he was wearing a refrigerator magnet on his cap.

Card #3:



There is no card number 3. I'm sick of paying shipping.

But now you know why I must order these two cards.

And THEN I'll be done.


  1. if you haven't placed the order yet, if you can get them traded to me, I'll take delivery and send them your way when they come (along with other cards that I am holding for you).

    I'm getting ready to place my one and only delivery order for the 2011 diamond giveaway on friday to beat the deadline.

  2. Paul Gibson of the Detroit Tigers. He has won the Silver Spectacle Award (SSA) every year he pitched!

  3. Dude, I got at least four of those Breazeale cards including one I redeemed from the Transmogrifier last year. Save your dough, trade that one off and I'll set one aside for you. Not sure if I have a dupe of Curt Motton.

  4. OK, I'll hold off. Don't know if I can get myself to trade it away though.