Monday, December 19, 2011

The ritual

Have you ever woken up in the morning already equipped with the knowledge of how the day was going to go? Stuck in a rut, you know the ritual. It is a day like every other.

Breakfast is the same. Seeing the kids off to school is the same. Kissing the spouse is the same.

When you arrive at the office, it's the same. Same emails. Same co-workers. Same stories. Same stupid projects. Same stupid meetings.

As the day wears on, it doesn't get any different. Same old lunch. Same workplace jokes. Same workplace arguments. Same after-work trip to the bar/grocery store/workout place/kid's sporting event.

As evening arrives, it's the same. Same dinner. Same "how was your day?" Same route walking the dog. Same prime time laugh track.

Finally, you turn in for the night. Same trip upstairs. Same bathroom ritual. Same toothpaste. Same wash cloth. Same book to read in bed.

Same day. Just like the day before.

Yeah, you're stuck in a rut.

But at least you have company.

Whoever photographed the Orioles for 1989 Bowman had his rut recorded on cardboard for all of eternity.

Either that or he was just sticking with what worked.

From morning until night.


  1. God help us all if anyone ever starts a blog for that set.

  2. The biggest problem is that the cards were numbered by team rather than randomly (or seemingly randomly) like Topps. If these 14 cards were spread throughout the whole set it wouldn't be AS noticeable. Since they the first 14 cards in the set, people kinda noticed.


    Reminds me of the Sesame Street tune, I believe was called "One Thing is not like the Other" but obviously it is. Or a Can You Spot The Difference puzzle gone horribly wrong!

  4. Looks like he was in a hurry because a storm was moving in. He snapped Ballard and Milligan right before the skies opened up.

  5. 1989 bowman has always been the red-headed step child set of a decade of weak cards. As a kid and even an adult, I have never really enjoyed them, simply because of the size.

  6. This post is particularly appropriate on a Monday...

  7. I don't see many O's cards here so I enjoyed this, but not so much the fact that I never had realized this on my own.

  8. Awesome. Great catch, Night Owl. This is "Month in Review"-worthy stuff. :-)