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Declaring the card of the year right now

Every year at this time, I try to start gathering together the best cards that I've seen from the past 12 months.

I still hope to do that, but with upheaval and chaos being the general rule of life lately, I've learned not to guarantee anything. Besides, when you've found what you're looking for, why wait, right?

So ...

Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, chicks and chickers:






Was there any doubt?

The Target red border card comes from Chuck at Lifetime Topps. The gold border Gordon is from Thorzul.

Thorzul also made good on a shipping slip-up as I was supposed to get a Kershaw liquorfractor, too. It all worked out for the best as I ended up with the Kershaw card elsewhere, and I got this from Thorzul:

It's my first autograph card of Dodgers reliever Ramon Troncoso, who hasn't done much lately.

But he was big in '08, which is from where this card hails. I didn't even know Upper Deck X had autograph cards.

Good deal.

Also, if anyone stumbles across other versions of the Card of the Year -- Walmart black, Target throwback, Walmart blue border, crazy black or platinum border -- let me know. I'll try to throw something at you that will get you to send the card to me.

It's not every year that a Dodger card is card of the year.

Well, maybe every other year. I tend to be biased.


Dodgerbobble said…
Hard to disagree with that. Love this card!
Anonymous said…
It is definitely an excellent card.

My completely biased vote goes to the Jay Bruce card from series 1 - it's him heading toward first after a walk-off, division-clinching homer. For us Reds fans - that was a big deal.
arpsmith said…
I have to go with the Giants team card from Series two with the Beard and Posey celebrating after winning the World Series.

The Gordon is a pretty good card though.
Stealing Home said…

anyways..when my browser opened to show your choice, i instantly agreed, dude.

first time i saw this card was in a trade. its a bad-ass card alright. i dont have as many as you though, only the base and the gold.

props to the photog who shot that and the keen eyed editor for choosing it. topps got it right that time.

hiflew said…
Alright, a Rockies player is feature on the card of the year.

This is a great card, but nothing beats the Eric Young Jr. card from Series 1 in my book.
This card is great. My biased opinion for card of the year is the hilariously grinning Robinson Cano Topps Update (with the HR Derby trophy). May not be the best action shot, but it's impossible not to be happy looking at this card.
gcrl said…
i agree. this card will also get a high seeding in the 'best double play card of all-time' tourney coming soon to the gcrl blog.
Robert said…
Easily the card of the don't see many pics like this one on cards...
I don't know why, but for some reason, this reminds me of those cards you would see every now and then in base versions with players wearing HUGE gloves, or that look like they were flying in the air while sliding into 2nd base, etc.
Fuji said…
Love it... it's amazing that 100 years from now, a baseball fan will be able to appreciate this photo, because it was captured on cardboard.
Anonymous said…
This post reminds me... I just cracked a Target box of Update and pulled the base version of this card. Just wanted to let you know that I'm giving away all of my Update cards. If you'd like, I can hold onto the Dodgers for ya.
Spankee said…
I have to disagree. The ball is still in his hand. If the ball were in flight on the card, I'd be with you.