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Ten little penguins

I received what I thought was my 10th different autographed card of Ron Cey the other day. I was quite pleased, for one, because it was free off Listia, but also because the total number of autographed cards in my collection matched with the uniform number of my favorite player of all-time.

I normally ignore autographed cards on Listia. Autographs aren't the be-all and end-all of collecting for me, and I pass on most of them as scribbles. And if I can't verify them on a site like Listia, then they are easily dismissed. I can definitely envision some poor soul scrawling the name of a player on a card and passing it off as real. I don't need that on my conscience.

But this is different. I know Cey's autograph well, and that, my friend, is Cey's signature, 100 percent guaranteed.

The fact that it's on the glorious 1976 SSPC set that I must collect one day just makes it ... well, let's just say I'll never find a better card on Listia.

So with the SSPC Cey auto in hand, I went about finding my other Cey autographed cards, that I'm sure you've seen may times before, to display here all at once. Ten little Penguins, in honor of the No. 10.

I spared you by not humming the song.

So with that milestone met, there was a temptation to stop there. Nice round number that matches the number that Cey signs himself, right?

But then I remembered -- I have another signed Cey card promised to me (it's a weird one, too).

And then there were these two items:

The backside of the Garvey-Cey double auto card.

And the signed monster bat relic.

Surely, these should be added to the autographed Cey total, right? I don't care if you can't fit them in a binder with the others.

So, I'll continue to collect signed Cey cards and card-like items. Who knows, maybe I'll even pester the ever-cooperative Mr. Cey for another TTM, if I ever get off my owl butt.

I have to mention that none of these autographed cards would be mine without the generous trades, helpful hints, and friendly alerts of my fellow bloggers.

Thanks for getting me to 10 ... er, 12 ... and beyond.


Very nice ! I don't trust autographed cards too much unless I get them in person, I know the auto very well (as you and Cey) or it is a certified card from a pack.(even those aren't 100% authentic).

To me personally, it's the thrill and excitement of getting the auto in person.

Nice. Always weary myself, but you saw my story the other day. Sometimes it's worth the risk.
Commishbob said…
When it comes to his sig, Cey looks to be very consistent. Kind of like Brooks Robinson. I've had so many I could tell a fake I'm sure.

EDIT The Captcha code for my comment is SportSay22. I'd have flipped if it was a '10'
Unknown said…
Funny - I was watching that Cey auto on Listia. I figured you had to be one of the people betting on it.

Crap - I should have tried to snipe it, just to see you rant about me in a post.
Robert said…
Love the '81 WS Co-MVP inscription on the 2nd to last card, for what it's worth that would be my favorite of all the autos!
Fuji said…
Love the 76 SSPC set. It's insane that you can purchase a set that's almost 40 years old and loaded with stars for less than $100. And the simple design is perfect for getting players to sign them.

And that oversized Sweet Swatch, bat autograph should definitely be counted. It's pure awesomeness!