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Another Allen & Ginter progress report

Thanks to the talented and thoughtful Chris of Nachos Grande and Patricia and Lucy of Dinged Corners, I am excruciatingly close to putting the 2008 Topps Allen and Ginter base set to bed.

Here is what those generous folks sent me over the last few days:

#76- Jim Thome

#241-Ryan Garko

#307 - Pat Neshek

#330 - Luke Hochevar

#331 - Luis Castillo

#336 - Allen Fisher

That can mean only ONE thing:


#313 - Harriet Beecher Stowe


#321 - Wily Mo Pena

The two were last seen together, driving a 1973 El Camino south toward Mexico. If you spot either of them, approach cautiously. They are not armed (OK, Stowe might be packing heat), but they ARE dangerous (just look at all the presidential assassins who had three names!). If you happen to apprehend either or both, contact me at the appropriate email address. Your reward will be a trade that is beneficial to both of us. And Stowe and Pena will be locked up in their plastic nine-pocket prison where they so rightfully belong.

(Full disclosure: At one point, I thought I had both of these cards. Silly me. I think I see so many cards on the Internet that I forget which ones are mine. Early senility, I guess).

Thanks Nachos and Dinged!


sam r said…
i have the harriet beecher stowe!!
AdamE said…
I have the Willy Mo you need. I'll e-mail you tonight about it.
night owl said…
Thanks, Adam! I'll email you back sometime Saturday.

SamDaMan, someone else contacted me about the Beecher Stowe card earlier. Sorry :( ... But I'm open to other trades.