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'93 Upper Deck: the final unveiling

"The Final Unveiling," is a little grandiose, but I'm sure it was good enough for the subtitle of some horror movie sequel at some point.

This is where I open the 15 packs of 1993 Upper Deck, Series Two that I kept from the hobby box bought at the card show last month (the spent cluster of wrappers up top are all that remains from that box). You might remember I gave 15 other packs away to Andy of the '88 and '78 card blogs for being the winner in my contest. The remaining six went to Chris Harris. Chris opened his on A Pack a Day TV, which you can see here. Not a bad six pack but a few too many doubles. I haven't heard what Andy found in his packs, but I know he received them.

So now that everyone has their packs, it's safe to open mine. A warning: opening 15 packs with 15 cards each makes for a looooooooong post, so I'll keep the comments to a minimum. If Andy has a short attention span, he might want to fast forward to Pack 12. There's something there he might want (or maybe he's already got it).

Also, I have several doubles after opening these packs. If you want all the doubles (I'll list them at the end of this post), be the first to send a comment saying that you want the doubles and that you will trade one SINGLE Dodger card to me in return. The only catch is, it has to be a Dodger card I don't have already. More details at the end of the post.

Here we go:


1. Cardinals Checklist, Greg Jeffries
2. Harold Baines, Orioles

Not sure what Baines is doing on this card. It looks like he's trying to make a phone call with his batting glove. UD makes up for that by showing Baines blowing a bubble on the photo on the back.

3. Brewers Checklist (Pat Listach)
4. Dan Plesac, Cubs
5. Mark Gardner, Royals
6. Willie Blair, Rockies
7. Robb Nen, Rangers
The card back is a little disturbing:

8. Dave Eiland, Padres, caretaker of the ever-changing Yankees starting rotation.
9. Charlie Hough, Marlins
10. Mike Gallego, Yankees
11. Fernando Valenzuela, Orioles
12. Mark McGwire, A's

13. Top Prospect, Franke Rodriguez, Red Sox
14. Team Stars, Padres (Sheffield, Plantier, Gwynn, McGriff)
15. Inside the Numbers: David McCarty, Twins (I had him on my fantasy team. Ugh)


1. Cubs Checklist, Sammy Sosa
2. Ed Sprague, Blue Jays
3. Harold Reynolds, Orioles. It was good to see Reynolds back on TV during the postseason. Although I think he's more of a studio guy than a color commentator.

4. Jeff Branson, Reds
5. John Habyan, Yankees
6. Willie Banks, Twins
7. Luis Aquino, Marlins
8. Marvin Freeman, Braves
9. Steve Cooke, Pirates
10. Bret Barberie Marlins
11. Kirby Puckett, Twins
12. Top Prospect, Chad Mottola, Reds
13. Inside the Numbers: Ray Lankford, Cardinals
14. Team Stars: Astros (Drabek, Biggio, Bagwell)
ONLY 14 CARDS! I've been ripped off! BAMBOOZLED!


1. Steve Frey, Angels
2. Red Checklist, Hal Morris

I think Vernon Sr. ran out of ideas with the Morris painting. He just slapped Morris' name at the top.

3. Todd Burns, Rangers
4. Harold Baines, Orioles (duplicate)
5. Bryan Harvey, Marlins
6. Charlie Liebrandt, Rangers
7. Phil Hiatt, Royals

I know I said I wasn't terribly impressed with the three-exposure pix that the card companies liked to do in the early 1990s, but I like this one. Must be the green background.

8. Al Leiter, Blue Jays
9. Vinny Castilla, Rockies
Vinny's about to have a baseball for lunch.

10. Milt Thompson, Phillies

11. Tim Naehring, Red Sox
12. Juan Samuel, Reds

Great sliding photo. There are a lot of head-first sliding photos in Upper Deck '93. That probably got the crusty old coaches worked up in a lather.

13. Award Winner (NL Cy Young), Greg Maddux, Cubs
14. Top Prospect: Carlos Delgado, Blue Jays

15. Diamond Debut, Rondell White, Expos


1. Ivan Calderon, Red Sox
It seemed to take forever to get Calderon's huge head out of the pack. (That's kind of mean, especially about someone who is no longer with us. So, I'll take it back. It's a perfectly normal-sized head).

2. Red Sox Checklist (Andre Dawson). I like this card a lot.
3. Steve Frey, Angels (duplicate)
4. Ed Sprague, Blue Jays (duplicate)
5. Greg Gohr, Tigers
6. Mike Lansing, Expos
7. Sean Berry, Expos. Another brilliant selection for my fantasy team back in the early '90s
8. Jeff Gardner, Padres
9. Ricky Jordan, Phillies
Jordan kind of blends in with his background, but I like this card anyway.

10. Tom Henke, Rangers
11. Glenallen Hill, Indians
Looks like Hill needs to take a timeout.

12. Ellis Burks, White Sox
13. Award Winner, AL Cy Young, Dennis Eckersley

14. Diamond Debut: Matt Walbeck, Cubs
15. Top Prospect, Jose Oliva, Braves


1. Steve Reed, Rockies
2. Rangers Checklist, Juan Gonzalez
3. Ivan Calderon, Red Sox (duplicate)
4. Andy Ashby, Rockies
5. Willie Banks, Twins (duplicate)
6. Howard Johnson, Mets
7. Paul Wagner, Pirates
8. Future Heroes subset ad card (UD counted this as one of the 15 cards. Evil!)
9. Andujar Cedeno, Astros
10. Wade Boggs, Yankees
I think this is his first card in a Yankee uniform.

11. Cal Ripken Jr., Orioles
12. Checklist (Ken Griffey Jr.)
13. Award Winners, NL Rookie of the Year, Eric Karros

First Dodger card. And it's one I don't have. Awesome.

14. Diamond Debuts: Kevin Stocker, Phillies
15. Top Prospect: Tyrone Hill, Brewers


1. Checklist, Robert Alomar
2. Don Slaught, Pirates
3. Yankees Checklist, Danny Tartabull
4. Darrell Sherman, Padres
5. Norm Charlton, Mariners
6. Jimmy Jones, Expos
7. Dwight Gooden, Mets
8. Future Heroes: Frank Thomas, White Sox

These were inserted 1 in every 9 packs.

9. Gene Larkin, Twins
10. Kevin Reimer, Brewers
11. Mark Grace, Cubs
12. Dave Stewart, Blue Jays
13. Inside the Numbers, Jose Offerman, Dodgers

Another Dodger card I don't have.

14. Top Prospect: Midre Cummings, Pirates
15. Award Winner, NL HR Champion, Fred McGriff, Padres


1. Luis Sojo, Blue Jays
2. Eric Fox, A's
BRIGHT jersey! Love it.

3. Mark McLemore, Orioles
4. Brewers Checklist, Listach (duplicate)
5. Willie Wilson, Cubs

I had forgotten Wilson played for the Cubs. It wasn't too memorable.
6. Graeme Lloyd, Brewers
7. Jeff Russell, Red Sox
8. John Smiley, Reds
9. Scott Servais, Astros
10. Kevin Seitzer, A's
11. David Cone, Royals
You don't hear much about Cone's Kansas City days, thanks to media central, NYC. But he's a Kansas City boy.

12. Tim Naehring, Red Sox (duplicate)
13. Top Prospect, Jose Oliva, Braves (duplicate)
14. Team Stars, Rockies (Bichette, Nied, Galarraga)
15. Inside the Numbers: Chipper Jones, Braves


1. Red Sox Checklist, Andre Dawson (duplicate)
2. Ivan Calderon, Red Sox (AGAIN!)
3. Rangers Checklist, Juan Gonzalez (duplicate)
4. Cory Snyder, Dodgers

Snyder to the rescue to break the string of dupes!

5. Roberto Kelly, Reds
6. Steve Howe, Yankees
7. Darrin Jackson, Blue Jays
8. Bryn Smith, Rockies
9. Alan Trammell, Tigers
10. Albert Belle, Indians
My gosh, Albert Belle is smiling???!!!!

11. Kirby Puckett, Twins (duplicate)
12. Edgar Martinez, Mariners
13. Inside the Numbers: Alex Gonzalez, Blue Jays
14. Top Prospect: Mike Robertson, White Sox
15. Award Winner, NL Cy Young: Maddux (duplicate)


1. Reds Checklist, Hal Morris (duplicate)
2. Steve Frey, Angels (AGAIN!)
3. Red Sox Checklist, Dawson (AGAIN!)
4. Todd Benzinger, Giants
5. Julio Franco, Rangers
6. Dale Murphy, Rockies

Sure is odd seeing Murph is a Rockies uniform. It's even odd seeing him in a Phillies uniform.

7. Tony Fernandez, Mets
I like this card a lot, too.

8. Greg W. Harris, Padres
9. Walt Weiss, Marlins
10. Cal Ripken Jr., Orioles (duplicate)
11. Mark McGwire, A's (duplicate)
12. Bret Barbarie, Marlins (duplicate)
13. Inside the Numbers: Phil Hiatt, Royals
14. Top Prospect: Rich Becker, Twins
15. Award Winner, AL Cy Young, Eckersley (duplicate)


1. Rockies Checklist, David Nied
2. Todd Burns, Rangers (duplicate)
3. Reds Checklist, Morris (AGAIN!)
4. 5-year anniversary, Juan Gonzalez, Rangers

These also were inserted 1 of every 9 packs. They were replicas (except for the black border) of each player's UD rookie card.

5. Gene Harris, Padres
6. Paul Molitor, Blue Jays
7. Bobby Thigpen, White Sox
8. Graeme Lloyd, Brewers (duplicate)
9. David Cone, Royals (duplicate)
10. Glenallen Hill, Indians (duplicate)
11. Barry Bonds, Giants

First card as a Giant, I think. The start of his downward spiral (as far as this Dodger fan is concerned).

12. Rich Amaral, Mariners
13. Inside the Numbers: David Hollins, Phillies

Hollins is a Buffalo boy. That's a plus in my book. To be more accurate, he's from Orchard Park, N.Y., where the Buffalo Bills play.

14. Top Prospect: Rick Greene, Tigers
15: Award Winner, NL ROY, Eric Karros, Dodgers (duplicate)


1. Royals Checklist, Felix Jose
2. Vince Coleman, Mets
Nice shades.

3. Rockies Checklist, David Nied (duplicate)
4. Greg Myers, Angels

In the newspaper business, we're always getting calls from outraged readers when they see a photograph of something that seems to be dangerous (6-year-olds riding ATVs without helmets, or something of that nature). They always think that by running the photograph, we're condoning that behavior. I never understood that line of thinking. If anything, we're exposing their improper behavior. I wonder if UD got any calls about Myers flinging his bat in a supposedly cavalier fashion.

5. Pete Schourek, Mets
6. Matt Mieske, Brewers
7. Bruce Ruffin, Rockies
8. Future Heroes: Kirby Puckett, Twins
9. Greg Maddux, Braves

First card as a Brave? I think so.

10. Tim Naehring, Red Sox (AGAIN!)
11. Jody Reed, Dodgers
Sweet! I don't have this Dodger either!

12. Fernando Valenzuela, Orioles (duplicate)
13. Inside the Numbers: Chipper Jones (duplicate)
14. Top prospect: Michael Tucker, Royals
15. Award Winner, AL ROY, Pat Listach, Brewers


1. Tigers Checklist, Travis Fryman
The team checklist cards with fierce-looking animals seem to work for some reason.

2. Carlos Quintana, Red Sox
3. Royals checklist, Felix Jose (duplicate)
4. Craig Shipley, Padres
5. Mike Bielecki, Indians
6. Joe Magrane, Cardinals
7. Tim Spher, Expos
8. Cris Carpenter, Marlins
9. Kevin Young, Pirates
10. Brian Hunter, Braves
11. Todd Zeile, Cardinals
12. Don Mattingly, Then & Now Hologram!

Inserted 1 out of every 27 packs! This is a great-looking card. Obviously you can't see the 3-D hologram effect here, but it is very nice. When Andy won the contest I said I'd throw in some other cards of his preference with his contest winnings. Andy said the only thing he really collects now is Mattingly relics or autos. I didn't have either. But holograms were the relics and autos of the early '90s, so Andy, if you want this card, just let me know, and I'll send it off to you. Otherwise, it's mine. All mine!

13. Inside the Numbers: David Justice
14. Top Prospect: John Burke, Rockies
15: Award Winner, NL Comeback Player of Year, Gary Sheffield, Padres


1. Twins Checklist, Shane Mack (another brilliant fantasy team move by me!)
2. Storm Davis, A's
3. Tigers Checklist, Travis Fryman (duplicate)
4. Jim Austin, Brewers
5. Ricky Gutierrez, Padres
6. Jeff Russell, Red Sox (duplicate)
7. Darren Holmes, Rockies
8. Chico Walker, Mets
9. Dave Hansen, Dodgers
10. Jeff Brantley, Giants
11. Mark Carreon, Giants
12. Tommy Greene, Phillies
13. Inside the Numbers: Ray Lankford, Cardinals (duplicate)
14. Top Prospect: Chad Mattola, Reds (duplicate)
15. Award Winner, AL Comeback Player of Year, Mark McGwire, A's


1. White Sox Checklist, Robin Ventura
2. Blas Minor, Pirates
3. Twins Checklist, Shane Mack (duplicate)
4. Dave Winfield, Twins
5. Chris Hammond, Marlins
6. Dave Martinez, Giants
7. Randy Myers, Cubs
8. Tracy Woodson, Cardinals
The Ex-Dodger is wearing his St. Paddy's Day game cap.

9. Alex Cole, Rockies
10. Juan Bell, Phillies
11. Joe Girardi, Rockies
12. Spike Owens, Yankees
13. Inside the Numbers: McCarty (duplicate)
14. Top Prospect: F. Rodriguez (duplicate)
15. Award Winner, NL Batting Champion, Gary Sheffield, Padres

PACK 15 (Finally!)

1. Yankees Checklist, Tartabull (duplicate)
2. Steve Decker, Marlins
3. White Sox Checklist, Ventura (duplicate)
4. J.T. Snow, Angels
5. Tim Scott, Padres
6. David Wells, Tigers
I don't think anyone wants to see Wells that close up, do they?

7. Jim Gott, Dodgers

8. Jose Uribe, Astros
9. Greg Hibbard, Cubs
10. Dave Righetti, Giants
11. Luis Gonzalez, Astros
12. Tim Wallach, Dodgers
Two Dodgers in one pack is always appreciated.

13. Inside the Numbers: Mike Mussina, Orioles
14. Top Prospect: Benji Gil, Rangers
15. Award Winner, AL batting champion, Edgar Martinez, Mariners

Well, I can't complain about those packs. The more I look at these cards, the more I think 1993 Upper Deck might be one of the greatest card series ever. They did almost everything right this year.

OK, here are the doubles that I'll give away:

Harold Baines, Brewers Checklist (Listach), Willie Blair, Robb Nen, Charlie Hough, Fernando Valenzuela, Mark McGwire, Top Prospect: Frank Rodriguez, Inside the Numbers: McCarty, Ed Sprague, Harold Reynolds, Willie Banks, Luis Aquino, Bret Barberie, Kirby Puckett, Top Prospect: Chad Mottola, Inside the Numbers: Ray Lankford, Steve Frey, Reds Checklist (Hal Morris), Todd Burns, Tim Naehring, Juan Samuel, AW: Greg Maddux, Top Prospect: Carlos Delgado, Ivan Calderon, Red Sox Checklist (Dawson), Greg Gohr, Glenallen Hill, AW: Dennis Eckersley, Top Prospect: Jose Oliva, Cal Ripken Jr., Yankees Checklist (Tartabull), Kevin Reimer, Willie Wilson, Graeme Lloyd, Jeff Russell, David Cone, Inside the Numbers: Chipper Jones, Rangers checklist (Juan Gonzalez), Tony Fernandez, Inside the Numbers: Phil Hiatt, Top Prospect: Rich Becker, Royals Checklist (Felix Jose), Rockies Checklist (David Nied), Top Prospect: Michael Tucker, Tigers Checklist (Travis Fryman), Mike Bielecki, Inside the Numbers: David Justice, Twins Checklist (Shane Mack), AW: Mark McGwire, White Sox Checklist (Robin Ventura), Joe Girardi

(EDIT: Winner Captain Canuck will be receiving a few more that I found: Inside the Numbers: Mike Mussina, Spike Owen, Randy Myers, Chris Hammond, Blas Minor, Tommy Greene, Mark Carreon, Top Prospect: John Burke, Cris Carpenter, Tim Spehr, Carlos Quintana, AW: Pat Listach, Matt Mieske, Bobby Thigpen, Gene Harris, Top Prospect: Mike Robertson, Darrin Jackson, Steve Howe, John Smiley, Luis Sojo, AW: Fred McGriff, Don Slaught, Checklist: Ken Griffey Jr., Andujar Cedeno, Team Stars: Padres, Mike Gallego)

All you need to do is be the first person to post a comment saying:

1. You want the '93 UD doubles
2. What Dodger card you will send me in return. It must be a Dodger card I don't have. What's a Dodger card I don't have? Well, that's for me to know and you to find out. But there are plenty of clues all over this blog.

If I don't already have your mailing address, please email me your address.

Thanks for reading to the end (or skipping to the end, anyway). Whoa, that was long.


David Wells looks like a fat Kid Rock.
Captain Canuck said…
I'll take 'em
and you'll be getting a few '91 Fleer Dodgers...
196,197,198 and whatevr others I have
Laurens said…
Seems like Baines was just hit by a pitch on the wrists or something - he is grimacing in pain.
gcrl said…
looks like phil hiatt was playing on a tennis court.
nando in an orioles/angels/cardinals/padres jersey is all kinds of wrong.
night owl said…
OK, Captain Canuck, the cards are yours. I'll send you an email to get your addy.

Yes, gcrl, I agree 100 percent.
Flash said…
That's an awesome Mattingly card. I bought it off eBay a few weeks ago. I had feeling you were going to pull a Mattingly but I figured it would've been the base card.
Jason said…
Nice break man. I always loved 90's UD checklist sketch cards.
madding said…
I absolutely adore 1993 Upper Deck. I might try to put together a set one of these days, just because the cards look so nice. To me, it was also the first set with lots of well-planned and nice looking insert cards. That Mattingly is awesome.