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Drop that junk over here

Yes, this is another Cards Acquired Post. Sorry. The thought-provoking stuff takes a lot of time. And, right now, with all the focus on my health, my free time is mainly spent worrying about whether I have the right kind of workout shoes.

But don't worry. I've got some ideas in my head. I've even written some down. Just need to find the time to write them down on the blog.

And, of course, there's scanning. Which has proven to be the most time-consuming exercise in human history.

I spent a little time scanning these cards, which I received from Jaybarker Fan's Junk. He was emptying his card dumpster and he thought "hey, maybe I can get money for my garbage!" And I was one of the guys standing in line to fork over money for his trash.

One Alexander Hamilton and one George Washington later and I had 212 Dodger cards in my possession. Not bad for 11 bucks.

Of course, I had a lot of them already. There were just 38 that I needed. But that's still pretty good for a guy with over 11,000 Dodger cards.

I thought I would highlight my favorite dozen out of the cards that I needed.

This is an ode to the '90s, for the most part, so put on your flannel:

1. Johnny Podres, 1991 Topps Archives, gold parallel

These Archive cards don't mean a whole lot when you have the real thing. But -- LOOK! -- his signature is in snazzy gold writing! ... OK, still doesn't mean a whole lot.

2. Mike Piazza, 1997 Collector's Choice "You Crash the Game"

Piazza is surrounded by what appears to be five bodyguards (well four, and some dude in a wacky hat). What likely is a pleasant autograph session appears more intimidating than anything.

3. Franklin Stubbs, 1989 Donruss Grand Slammers

Dipping into the '80s for a spell. I've already mentioned  these Grand Slammers cards as among the first color parallels as there are a couple different color versions of this same card (I really need to check the dupes box). But there are also color variations with regular '89 Donruss cards that I didn't know about until a few months ago (I REALLY need to check the dupes box).

Oh, and Stubbs is proof that you don't need a big-hitting first baseman to win a World Series. Stubbs, as you know, was on that 1988 Dodger team and hit like .220.

4. James Loney, 2010 Topps Chrome

Isn't that right Mr. .148-hitting first baseman?

5. Raul Mondesi, 1997 Pinnacle Inside and 6. Tom Goodwin, 2001 Fleer Ultra.


7. Raul Mondesi, 1997 Pinnacle New

Mondesi has so many interesting-looking cards that it really makes you remember what an exciting player he was back in his prime. He wasn't my favorite player for nothing.

8. Raul Mondesi, 1997 Metal

I'm certain that I have this card, but I can't find it in my binders (probably hiding out in the dreaded dupes box). And it's too great not to show if I really don't have it.

But just in case I do have it:

9. Mike Piazza, 1997 UD3, Home Run Heroes

There's another Piazza insert card for you. Looks like Piazza's going to take a whack at his own picture.

10. Chad Billingsley, 2012 Topps Walmart blue border

Stepping out of the '90s again for a current card of today's Dodger starter. Taking on the unpleasant Brewers tonight.

11. Adrian Beltre, 2001 Pacific

GAH! Is that ... a ... BALL????????

12. Hideo Nomo, 1997 Leaf and 13. Hideo Nomo, 1997 UD3

Every Nomo card that I get that crosses off a want is a delight.

14. Todd Hundley, 1999 Topps Gallery

OK, so there's more than a dozen cards here. I don't feel like sticking to a set amount today.

1999 Gallery is a lot more classy than the other Gallery sets. I like it a lot.

15. Chan Ho Park, 1999 Stadium Club

The. Best. Damn. Chan. Ho. Card. Ever.

Thanks a lot, Wes, for cleaning out your Dodgers and sending them off to me.

This is junk I can USE.


chuckneo said…
You guys are 9-1! You can live with the .150 first baseman :)

Unknown said…
Hey Night Owl,

I'm group breaking two boxes of Gypsy Queen and the Dodgers are still available for only $25.

Let me know if you're interested by emailing me at:
Spiegel83 said…
Rauuuul! Mondesi was fun to watch in the 90s and he was a baseball card superstar.

I guess the Dodgers had tons of security back in the late 90s. Piazza is swarmed with tough looking guards.
CaptKirk42 said…
"And, of course, there's scanning. Which has proven to be the most time-consuming exercise in human history."

I hear you brother. OY that is the biggest delay in my posting, next to my major procrastination skills.
Glad to have those 38 you needed! Thanks for taking my junk!