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Diamonds & Strasburg

This guy keeps following me around.

I've always shied away from the latest and greatest. I don't collect rookies or hard-to-complete parallel sets or even Nationals.

Yet, someone keeps wanting me to try a special Strasburg on for size.

First  it was the Bowman purple refractor last June, which was really THE time to pull a special Stephen Strasburg card. Probably the most fortunate pull of my life so far and likely something that will never happen again.

Today, I pulled a diamond parallel Strasburg card out of a rack pack.

Sure, Strasburg is damaged goods. The hype machine is broken, he has to attach his arm to his shoulder every morning, and his cards are selling for a fraction of what they sold for last spring/summer. I didn't shout or cheer or fist-bump anyone when I pulled this card.

But a diamond parallel is a diamond parallel. This person aside, collectors are loopy over these cards. I think half the card bloggers in North America are trying to complete the diamond set. I am doing my part to help some of them by saving the paltry amount of parallels I pull (I'm not trying to complete the Topps base set, so I'm not buying very many packs).

But I'm going to hang on to this for a little bit. Strasburg may be yesterday's OMG card, but he's bound to be one of the final key cards for those finishing off the diamond parallels.

Forget about trying to sell it on ebay. I'm not doing that. You can get it for a dollar easily, unless you fall for the idiot who wants 20 bucks for it and claims it's an SP.

Instead, I'm looking to trade it, for something nice and Dodgery.

Submit your request in comment or email. A Dodger diamond parallel is nice, but I'm open to other items.

 And if you aren't the one to land it, don't worry. Someone out there seems to think I collect ol' Strassy, and I'm sure I'll come across another one.


If interested, I've got a Kershaw and Lilly diamond parallel
I have a small bundle of Dosgers including 2 hershiser rc's, a 72 topps Maury wills, a few recent old timers cards and a few piazzas...
night owl said…
Greg ~

Interested in the Kershaw and Lilly. Shoot me an email if you like.
LoCoDe said…
At least Strassy made it to the bigs, unlike Brien Taylor from back in the 90's.

5 years from now Strassy will be the subject of a "where are they now" article in SI.
madding said…
I'm more with Bad Wax on this set than the rest of the Kool Aid drinkers.