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Awesomest night card, the final

Are you sick of seeing this card yet?

One of these days I need to do a blog inventory and figure out which card has been shown the most often. Ideally, I'd show a card once and then never again. But I love cards too much to do that. It's like boring people to death with baby pictures. You don't care if others are interested or not, you just like the pictures SO much.

But even in your bored-into-a-coma state you know that this card is one of the finalists in the Awesomest Night Card Tournament. It actually had a decent-sized battle with the Donruss Triple Play Wrigley Field card. I think if that Wrigley Field photo was on, say, a Masterpieces card, then the outcome would be different.

But here are the voting totals:

2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Carlton Fisk: 30 votes
1992 Triple Play Wrigley Field: 24 votes

Carlton, take a hop, skip and a jump down the first base line and into the final in which your opponent will be this card:

You realize I can't lose, don't you? I win no matter which card is selected. The Fisk card represents the first major league baseball moment I ever recall seeing. The Gibson card represents the most dramatic home run I've ever seen and it came in a Dodger victory. Plus, if I'm listing the two teams I've rooted for the most during my entire life, the Dodgers and Red Sox are way out in front of any other team.

I would be proud to feature either card first in my Night Card Binder (thank goodness that Warren Moon thing didn't win). The other card will be featured second, too, and that's a terrific 1-2 punch. It'll be kind of like those Topps sets of the '90s, when the first cards in the set would be Nolan Ryan and Rickey Henderson.

I'm excited to get this final going and to be actually placing cards in the binder. And to be rid of night card polls forever (well, not for-EVER).

So take a crack at the poll and let me know which card is No. 1. It's right over there on the sidebar. You won't get lost, I promise.

Oh, by the way, both cards were made by Upper Deck.

And both players were kind of known for being cranky.

And their uniform numbers add up to 50.

I don't know what any of that means. I just thought I'd throw it out there.


Anonymous said…
I'd have to say the Gibson card because it was a base set card, and came from an upstart that actually got the other manufacturers to get their game on.
Interesting. You give us two cards that prominently show a player's backside.

I know it's all about the votes, but what does it say about us as collectors when a group of 100 cards is offered up and we pick pictures showing the butts of athletes?

I think I'm going to abstain from this one.
dayf said…
I just don't understand how someone can look at an action shot of a sporting event and the only thing they can see is a butt. These are pics of two of the biggest plays in MLB history too, it's not like there's no context there.

Seriously, and I just the only person who doesn't give a crap if a guy's ass sneaks its way into my field of vision? Have I turned into one of those old guys who walks butt naked through the gym and really doesn't give a damn?
Anonymous said…
I hate that Fisk card! AArrgh! It better lose finally. It isn't even an actual photo of the event, it shouldn't have gotten this far due to its fakeness.

Com'on Gibby!
AdamE said…
As a Red Sox fan I love the Fisk card. But I'm not voting for it. Why? Cause I dont' remember it. In fact I wasn't even born yet. Gibson's home run on the other hand was one of my earliest MLB memories.
steelehere said…
Just my two cents worth but I wonder if either of these cards would have made it this far if their photo weren't tied to a historic event.
From a stylistic standpoint, you featured plenty of cards in this contect that had more visually appealling night photos.
night owl said…
I don't get the butt thing either.

If you're at a game, you see players walking away from you more than a hundred times a game. Do you spend all 9 innings recoiling in horror?

Now, the naked guy walking through the gym -- that's the time for horror.
Cardsplitter said…
The Fisk home run is a way bigger home run than Gibson. Game 1 vs. a game 6 elimination? No freaking contest.