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It's not like you're going anywhere

Perhaps you've heard.

The country's having a snowstorm.

I know. Snow in February. Who thinks up these things?

I have to work. So, I'll be out in the oh my GOD is that SNOW? If I return -- and that's a big "if" because you know there is SNOW outside -- I'll have more posts for you to ignore.

But if not, I figured I'd leave you a giant trade post to remember me by.

Besides, it's not like anyone is leaving the house, what with all that deadliness out there. If you've watched the Weather Channel for even a minute, you're huddled in the corner of your basement clutching a flare and a bag of dehydrated bananas right now (How would people react if it started raining razor blades or something?).

So why not settle in and see some cards that people sent me. They were kind enough to send them to me, so the least I can do is be kind enough to show them.

Turn up the heat, ignore the fact that HOLY CRAP, THERE IS SNOW RIGHT OUTSIDE THE WINDOW!, and see what goodies I got.

It'll take your mind off the horror of ... oh, hell, I can't continue the charade anymore. It's just snow, people. (Keep in mind, I live in an area where getting 2 inches an hour is called January/February).

FROM: Rod of Padrographs
CARDS: Assorted Dodgers
WAS I READY FOR HIM: Yup, I had a stack of Padres waiting for awhile. Shipped them off.
HIGHLIGHT: Two very necessary 1990 Leaf Dodgers needs.

One of the least available card sets of the entire junk wax era. Still looking for Brooks, Scioscia, Gwynn and Ramon Martinez.

Final 1992 Ultra Dodger need. One of Crews' last cards prior to the boat accident.

My very first 2010 Pro Debut card. It's of former Dodger pitcher James Baldwin's son. I walked past a binder of this set at the card show. My first thought was whether anyone had even touched the thing. I can't see anyone but diehards buying these cards.

Tom Candiotti cards remind me of the failed Charlie Haegar experiment. Oh, well, it was fun for the 2 games that it lasted.

FROM: Jon of Community Gum
CARDS: Moments & Milestones winnings, Upper Deck OPC needs, assorted Dodgers
WAS I READY FOR HIM: Not really. In fact, I made some sort of trade proposal for the OPC cards and then promptly forgot about it. Jon was nice enough to send the cards anyway. I guess that means I have to send something back. I think that's how this trading thing works.
HIGHLIGHT: Upper Deck OPC needs, baby!

Doesn't that boggle your mind? Lots of numbers there, and I can't begin to care enough to know what they all mean. It's a weird set that's not meant for me, yet I'm still happy to get some Sheffield cards that look identical to each other. I need help.

Much more my speed. The addition of these couple of cards means seven more cards and the last great Upper Deck set will be MINE. ALL MINE!

FROM: Alfredo at My Pastime ... I Love It
CARDS: Assorted Dodgers and a sorry bipping attempt.
WAS I READY FOR HIM: I am in a perpetual state of reloading cards for Wicked.
HIGHLIGHT: Pedro Guerrero Topps tribute, or legends, or whatever the heck it is.

There you go. I still space out on what these cards are, but I sure do like them. Note the Expos in the dugout. Baseball just isn't the same without Les Expos. Une larme.

Shiny, smudgy Billingsley. It looks like a 6-year-old got ahold of it.

Fleer really, really liked green in 1992. I wasn't on board. But it was better than yellow in '91.

Awwww. Aren't they cute? I really need to get pages for my mini cards.

A golden Blake DeWitt. Now that he's gone, I want him to be as Cub-like as possible.

Own the Game was a really barfy insert set for Topps, but some years were better than others. I kind of like this one. Sparkly.

This is the "bipping." I don't consider receiving a bunch of David Wright Stay in School "cards" as a bipping, because there is no hesitation about throwing these items out.

Even this one, where, I believe, Wicked professes his love for the Mets. I mean, he had to actually write "I love the Mets." Hmmmmmm. Who would've thought? From a Marlins fan?

FROM: Bud at First Day Issue
CARDS: Mostly Dodgers, but Bud always likes to mix it up.
WAS I READY FOR HIM: Not at all. I had just sent some Mariners out a few days prior to someone else. But I managed to scrape up a paltry amount to send. I never thought there'd come a day where I was short on Mariners.
HIGHLIGHT: Andre Ethier jersey card

This fits very nicely into the Baseball Heroes Ethier rainbow that I have -- the only rainbow that I've ever chased.

Landing a lot of Andy LaRoche cards lately. I'm only about five years too late.

Some current Dodger prospects. I actually know who two out of the three are. That's pretty good for me. Bowman Sterling here I come!!

I'm trying to think of something to say, but I am so apolitical that nothing is coming to mind.

Another Ethier. This time he's shiny. At this very moment, he's trying not to think about how the weight of the entire Dodger offense is on him and Kemp this year. Me, too, Dre.

An Xrefractor Billingsley from 2009. I suppose with those diamond cards that I see from the 2011 scans that xrefractors could be a thing of the past. I won't really miss them. But they were good for a few laughs.

I think I'll end the post right there. Many thanks to Rod, Jon, Alfredo and Bud. Terrific cards as always.

As for the rest of you, that wasn't too bad was it?

I've just strengthened you up for another look out the window.

What do you see?


Uh-oh. Might have to use a shovel.

(*silent scream*)

Lift with your legs.


Anonymous said…
I forgot Alfredo Griffin was a Dodger for a while. Lookin' at his career stats right now... he was on the A's in '87 & then the Dodgers in '88. Funny, considering they played each other in the series that year.

Hey, any other Dodgers do that? Played against his old team from a year earlier, in a World Series?
Anonymous said…
We're in full blizzard mode here in Grand Rapids, MI. Looking at 14 inches of snow and 40-50 mph winds from now until about 7pm tomorrow. Good times. Hope you miss out on most of it.
There's some ice on the ground here in Dallas today and they (the tv/radio media) is already saying the Super Bowl will never come back to Dallas because of the awful weather? Really? That's insane, what with Jerry Jone's monument to excess. (Otherwise knownas Cowboy Stadium).
They ARE saying. Not is...*heavy sigh*.
flywheels said…
Around here if the weather man so much as teases with the "s" word in the local forecast you won't be able to find a single loaf of bread or gallon of milk anywhere!
Eggrocket said…
With this storm we're hunkered down here in Iowa as well. This would be a great time to do some sorting and organizing of my collection but alas ... all "nonessential crap" has been relegated to a storage unit three miles away while the house is on the market. Apparently when prospective buyers see all YOUR crap they don't know where they're going to put THEIR crap.
TJ said…
So...What's all this about a storm,then?
Glad they got there alright! I'll post my end of the trade in a few. Good luck out there!
steelehere said…
1982, Jay Howell and Mike Davis were also 1987 Athletics that played on the 1988 Dodgers.