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The one-card challenge

In the few years that I've been running this blog, communicating and trading with fellow collectors, I've noticed a few things about us collecting types.

I'm not going to list them all because that would mean I would have to sit down in a darkened house at 3 in the morning and actually try to come up with a list. No way I'm doing that.

I'm just going to mention one thing. And that thing is: have you ever noticed how fired up collectors get when they find out that another collector needs just one card to complete a set? They get fired up. I mean REALLY fired up. I'd say it's like when the teacher asks a question and a student knows the answer and raises his hand so vigorously that he practically dislocates his shoulder.

But it's more intense then that. It's almost as if a siren goes off in every collector's head and they immediately run to their collection to see if they have that card for their fellow collector in need. Before you know it, two hours have passed, but the collector has found that 1992 Topps Doug Dascenzo card.

This is a tremendous instinct we have. I love it.

I just experienced it myself a few days ago. In a post, I mentioned that I was one card short of finishing off the Dodger team set for 2001 Heritage. All I needed the Jeff Shaw card.

I wrote this post on a Wednesday.


I had the Shaw card in my hands on Saturday.

That's three days!

And it came from about a thousand miles away!

That's crazy. But that's the helpfulness of a fellow collector.

Many thanks to carlsonjok for shipping this to me so urgently. I'm now done with the '01 Heritage Dodgers' team set.

I've experienced this phenomenon several times now. And I've actually participated in it myself, responding to that pleading voice, that someone needs a certain card to finish off a set, and, wonder of wonders, I HAVE THAT CARD! OK, it's taken me a little longer than three days to send it out. But I got it there. Because there was a needy, hungry collector with a single hole in his collection.

This is one of the coolest parts of blogging that I have experienced. And I thought I'd try something here and see if we can help some collectors in need.

I'm calling it The One-Card Challenge.

If you are lacking a single card from a set, whether it's a card to complete an entire base set, or a team set, or whatever, leave a comment on this post with the name of the card and the set. If you know the card number, throw that in, too. The more details the better.

The comments will then be available for all to see. If I have the card, I will try to fill the need, but anybody else can send the card out, too. If people don't know how to get in contact with the collector who needs the card, I will try to track down an email address for the collector.

I'll link this post up on the sidebar so people can consult it whenever they want. Also, if this becomes successful at all, I'll provide periodic updates and maybe fine-tune what is a very off-the-top-of-my-head idea.

So if there is one card that has been pestering you, keeping you from finishing off a set, never fear. Rely on a collector's basic instinct to help fill this need! We can't help it. It's who we are.

We must meet the One-Card Challenge.


I think that is brilliant! It's basically an abbreviated version of the Nebulous 9 (or whatever each person calls their own list). I like it.
Stealing Home said…
yup - Brilliant ! i'm just clogging up the comment space without a request, but to say i'll watch that list and i look forward to helping someone out.
hiflew said…
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Nachos Grande said…
Great idea... I have a bunch of sets that are only missing one card but how about this one:
2009 Allen & Ginter - National Heroes mini cards: NH4
AdamE said…
I have lots and lots of team sets that only need one card. The most blaring one is:

2007 Topps Heritage #312 Red Sox Team.

It has been the only card I needed from that set for 3 years now. (Stupid Heritage SPs)

Here are some more one carders...

2009 Goodwin #153 Jed Lowrie
2008 Goudey #303 Wade Boggs
2009 Uper Deck #545
2009 Upper Deck First Edition #34 David Ortiz
2009 Ticket to Stardom Michael Bowden

I could probably come up with 100 more of them.
(...Joe) said…
Oh wow, too many to list. I'll go with the most annoying one I'm missing...

2009 Topps Nick Evans #653

Awesome idea, thanks!
Jeff said…
I have a stupid one from the junk wax era.

1988 Score #659 Mark McGwire HL

Been bothering me for over 20 years, just not enough to do anything about it.
Bo said…
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Captain Canuck said…
1998 Score football #255
Captain Canuck said…
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Captain Canuck said…
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Captain Canuck said…
1981 Fleer Baseball Star Stickers.

the Reggie Jackson no-number checklist
Captain Canuck said…
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Two Packs A Day said…
if 2008 UD masterpieces #83 is ozzie smith, I'll fulfill it. I just hav eto find a way to contact captain canuck.

mine request is 2011 Bowman Chrome Prospect Hunter Morris (BCP130) as I bought a Bowman Chrome Prospect set from the auction site and it was missing just that one card.
night owl said…
Two packs ~

If you send me an email, I can get you captain canuck's email.
MrMopar said…
I posted one on a site recently with no replies, not that I epxected anby.

1994 Ted Williams Co. Roger Staubach Football set

Charlie Conerly #41

Now, I know I can get 125 of them on ebay, but just need 1 for a set!! Have many singles to trade or help others finish same set as well.
Nick said…
Great idea! I've had a couple one-card needs bugging me for a while:

2008 Topps Heritage High Numbers #626
2009 Topps Heritage High Numbers #717 SP
Johngy said…
Love this idea and I know I can help out a few.

First up...hiflew...
Send me your address and I will send the card. By the way, it is an uncorrected error card, listing Ellkis Burks on the front.
Johngy1 at aol
Brandon said…
Yeah, almost done with the pesky t206 set. Been searching high and low for some guy named Honus Wagner. If anyone has an extra laying around I'd love to have it. Just let me know. I'll even pay the postage.
GCA said…
2007 Topps Opening Day Diamond Stars - DS16 Pudge Rodriguez

2002 Topps American Pie - 85 Amelia Earhart

1997 New Pinnacle - 178 Cal Ripken East Meets West

And if you're really getting crazy, 2002 UD 40-man Lumber Yard Chipper Jones. (I'll trade a few GU or something).

I'll check on the other requests, I think there may be a few possibilities.

Greg A (QAPLAGCA at yahoo)
Fuji said…
Couldn't agree more... two weeks ago, I posted about how I wanted to finish off my 1984 Topps baseball set & two separate collectors sent me the final card (and they arrived on the same day).

I'll have to go home and dig through some boxes, but I might have a few of these cards on people's lists.

Here's the one card I've been trying to find for close to two years:

1996 SkyBox Premium "Brett Favre MVP" #3B Exchange Card

Back in 1996, if you collected both exchange cards #3A & #3B, you could send it in for a special lenticular card. I already have the 3A exchange card and the lenticular card.

Now I'm just hunting down the 3B, which is listed @ 30 cents.
Anonymous said…
My contribution of one needed card:

'11 Topps Series Two: 442 Brad Bergesen
Nick said…

I've got the Bergesen if you still need it. Email me your address and it's yours.
Mark Aubrey said…
I'm looking for card #109 from the 1994 Ted Williams Card Company Negro League subset (John "Buck" O’Neil). Note: Don't be afraid. Pricing on that card is way off on the Zistle site.
Mark Aubrey said…
Reader Jim has come through for me and has a duplicate Buck.

The pricing on the Zistle site is for a current ebay auction of a signed copy of that card, not the 'regular' card.
mr haverkamp said…
I've got 3 'set finishers' that have eluded me for yrs:

1995 Stadium Club: 556 Nomo (rookie)

1997 Fleer Goudey Greats: 13 Sandberg

2000 Stadium Club Scenes: 1 McGwire
Napkin Doon said…
Fantastic idea. I have one I'd like to cast out there too:

1999 EX Century Gabe Kapler #117
Matt Runyon said…
How about 1987 Donruss #66 - Will Clark. That's the only card I need for my 1987 Donruss SF Giants team set.
Mad Guru said…
I'm not much of a collector but I have been plugging away at the 2008 Upper Deck X set. I need one card from each of the following subsets:

Exponential X-DL Derrek Lee
Exponential 2 X2-GS Grady Sizemore
Exponential 3 X3-MR Manny Ramirez
Diecut 18 Derrek Lee

2010 Topps Magic Relics Dez Bryant /25. It's the final card I need to complete the 73 card set. Damn Cowboy collectors!
night owl said…
James ~

I have to go fishing through my cards, but I'm pretty sure I have the Nomo Stadium Club rookie card for you. Send me an email so I can send it out to you.
dominicfdny said…
I got a need to add to the list 1973 carlton fisk i need it to finish my red sox team set
Captain Canuck said…

I have your 1991 Leaf #32 Pat Combs
hiflew said…
Thanx to Johngy, I think I am the first to successfully complete this wonderful idea.

I now get to type the best word for a team to my 1994 Bowman team set.

Now I just have to work on paying it forward and finding one for someone else
GCA said…
(...Joe) I have your 2009 #653 Nick Evans. Email at QaplaGCA at
night owl said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
I know not many folks like Topps Pro Debut, but the one card I'm missing from my 2011 team set is:

38 Mason Williams

Would gladly trade for it. Thanks!
Robert said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
I need 2008 Masterpieces #110, Yogi Berra and I can put the Masterpieces sets to rest!
Bo said…
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Jeremy said…
I have a few one card challenges:

2009 A&G 323 Derek Jeter
2010 T206 HE5 Historical Events (I think it's Joan of Arc)

Thanks. It's a great idea.
night owl said…
I'll try to list updates like this periodically:

Near as I can tell, one-card challenges have been met for hiflew, Captain Canuck, Mark A. and Bo. If I've missed any, let me know.
This will be a tough one

1992 Donruss Update U2 Andy Stankiewicz.
night owl said…
OK, it's my turn:

I'm looking for #316, Manny Ramirez to complete the 2011 Allen & Ginter set.
Justin McLeod said…
The biggest card I need is 2011 Topps #US242. I actually need two copies of the card.
night owl said…
piratesfan731 ~

I have one of your US242's
night owl said…
Another update:

(...Joe) has received his Nick Evans card from 2009 Topps.
AdamE said…
Success - I got 2009 UD 545 Brad Penny sent to me by
Kbrewster/90 said…
I need one card to complete my 2011 Topps Chrome set.

#176 Brandon Beachy

Can a blogger get a little love?

Stealing Home said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Additional requests

97 leaf - 370
05 donruss the rookies 18
05 leaf - 203
07 upper deck - 611

thanks for looking and thanks to Night Owl
night owl said…
Jeff, hiflew of Cards From The Quarry is looking to send you the '88 Score McGwire Highlights card. If you email me an address I'll forward it to him.
Anthony Hughes said…
I have a one card challenge, from the 1992 Donruss Coca Cola Nolan Ryan set, I still need card 24, "Rangers * 1990". I have quite a few doubles of this set, if anyone wants to trade for it, but it's that last annoying #24.
Jeff said…
I sent hiflew my address for the 88 McGwire.

In the interest of "paying it forward", I have the 1992 Leaf Roberto Kelly for Bo.
night owl said…
Two more requests:

Spiegel83 of Nomo's Sushi Platter is looking for #18 in the Allen & Ginter Ascent of Man set.

Ryan of Ryan's Pitch is looking for #100 in 2011 Topps.
Johngy said…
I have the following cards for the following people. Send me an email at Johngy1 at aol and give me your address and they will be on their way to you.

Bo-Checklist and Kelly
Matthew R-Clark
arpsmith said…
I have this card:
07 upper deck - 611

For the Cardboard snob. Shoot me your address and I will get it out.
Jeff said…
OCC success! Thank you hiflew, I got mine. I'm on the lookout for an OCC request I can fulfill.
arpsmith said…
I will give this a try with a somewhat random one. I need card #37, Jerome Williams from 2004 Topps Cracker Jack to complete my team set.
Justin McLeod said…
No longer need 2011 Topps #US242. Now in search of 2004 Topps Total #399 Ron Mahay.
Slangon said…
This is a bit of an oldie, but I figured I'd give it a try. I'm down to needing one card for my 1973 Mets team set. It's Topps card #610. It's a Rookie Pitchers card with Jimmy Freeman, Charlie Hough and Hank Webb. If'n anyone out there has an extra copy, condition be damned, I'd be much obliged.
Thanks to arpsmith for the 07 ud.
Bo said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
night owl said…
Bo ~ I'll keep your old comment up until I can figure out which cards you checked off your list (for when I run another "one-card update" post). Then I'll try to delete it.
Bo said…
these are the cards I no longer need:
1991 Upper Deck #100 (Checklist)
1991 Leaf #38 (Roberto Kelly)
1990 Donruss Bonus MVPs #19 (Carlton Fisk)
night owl said…
Thanks. I deleted your earlier comment.
Matt said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matt Runyon said…
Johngy -- thanks for the 1987 Donruss Will Clark!!! :)
gcrl said…
i could use a 1984 fleer tom niedenfuer
Great idea for a post!
I'm looking for one card to finish off my 2007 Topps Cubs:
492 Michael Barrett
arpsmith said…
gonna take another shot, I need #224 Tim Lincecum from 2009 Allen and Ginter to complete my team set.
JediJeff said…
arp - you have mail.
Matt said…
I have two challenges now. I need a 1983 Topps Whitey Herzog #186 to finish off that set. I also need a 2000 Topps HD Sean Casey #76 to finish that one.
I'm lacking just card #229 Jerry Remy to complete my Angels Team Set. This is Remys Topps Rookie Cup card.
Johngy said…
Matt-I have that Herzog card. Send me your info and I will send it.
arpsmith said…
Got my Ginter Lincecum from Jeff Wilk. Another completed team set. Thanks Jeff!
night owl said…
Weston from Fantastic Catch ...

... is looking for #592 to finish off his 2011 Topps set.

I have his address if you need it.
musicfan87 said…
Trying to finish sets from way before my time(1987), but I've only got one missing from 1970 Topps, number 702. I've got plenty of Ginter and will be shipping out soon.
jacobmrley said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Captain Canuck said…
I've been told that my 1975 Topps #589 is en route to me via GCRL... thanks!

I need the following...

2009 Upper Deck Baseball #1003

2009 Topps WalMart Black #300
New one

2004 Topps World Series Highlights - Al kaline
Potch said…
Base cards, Topps Chrome 2011, I need just #122 Adam Lind.

I have a slew of refractors to trade - all listed on my site. And, there's a few refractors I'm searching for as well.

night owl said…
It's me again. Still waiting for the 2011 A&G Manny Ramirez, but I've got a new one:

2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Don Mattingly (1984 design) #10.
Bo said…
Hey NightOwl, you can delete my previous one. I'm now down to two:
1988 Donruss Rookies #56 (checklist)
1987 Fleer Update #132 (checklist)

Thanks GCRL and All Tribe Baseball!
night owl said…
Reminder: If you receive a card that you requested here, leave a comment saying that you have (and which card it was) or send me an email with the same info. Thanks.
JediJeff said…
My first request, and it should be pretty darn easy: 2012 Topps series one card #29.

Make me happy.
night owl said…
Fantastic Catch is looking for the Spot the Error David Wright card (#7) to complete the insert set in 2011 Topps Opening Day.
Kbrewster/90 said…
Brandon Beachy secured. Thanks Derek Hill!

2011 Topps Chrome - COMPLETE!
My need is for any and all variations of

2011 Allen & Ginter - Tim Howard

Robert said…
I have Potch's Adam Lind #122 from '11 Topps Chrome...
Bo said…
Need 1992 UD #771, Bret Boone. Also still looking for these:
1988 Donruss Rookies #56 (checklist)
1987 Fleer Update #132 (checklist)
Unknown said…
jeff wilk i might be able to get you that 2012 card as have a opened hobby box right next to me

and Ryan of Ryan's Pitch is looking for #100 in 2011 Topps let me look and i might have this if you still need it
night owl said…
Jeff Wilk has already received the card he requested. Sorry, I have been delinquent on updating this.
Only need one more 2008 UD Masterpieces - Number 94, which should be Ryne Sandberg
Anonymous said…
Hey Night Owl, Id like to tell you that Ive made a thread on the forum just like this in order to help other collectors on there to finish their sets. Heres the thread if you want to check it out

This may not matter but im thst guy who emailed you about that Justise Hairston card I was looking for. Since then ive found 5other cards that are also found in factory sets so my request should be taken off as im missing 6 cards to finish my set now.
night owl said…
Thanks toppscollector for the link! I hope you have as much success there at the blowout forum as the One-Card Challenge.

I removed the Hairston comment. Good luck on finding those cards!
Unknown said…
I have the 1988 Fleer Baseball's Best Pedro Guerrero. Let me know where to send it.
dayf said…
After many months, I am finally in need of your services.

If anyone has a 1979 Topps Don Sutton #170 I will be extraordinarily grateful.
Jeff said…
dayf, I have a 1979 Don Sutton. Its not in mint condition, but its yours if you want it.
Robert said…
2002 Upper Deck BB, Series 2

#521 Val Pascucci
Bo said…
2007 Topps #554 Elizardo Ramirez. (This is the second of two cards of Ramirez in the set)
Since you are going vintage, I might as well share a need of mine.

To complete my 1970 Kelloggs Baseball Set I need #19, Boog Powell. I'm okay if it's curled some, but I'd like one without cracks and with decent corners.
night owl said…
Stealing Home's request for 1976 Topps Sporting News All-Time All-Star Rogers Hornsby has been met by Potch Wheeler and Cardboard Heroes blog.
Anonymous said…
New one, 2011 Topps Update #253 Scott Linebrink.
JediJeff said…
Dang - can't help you cardanathema. :( But I will throw another recent release card:

2012 Topps series 2 379
Kyle D said…
Here's what I can help with if still needed:

2011 Topps Update #253 Scott Linebrink.

2007 Topps #554 Elizardo Ramirez

Bo said…
Hi Kyle
I still need the Elizardo
borosny at gmail
beefman said…
G'day guys!

I have a few singles needed to finish off complete sets, but only if you're willing to ship 'em to Australia! They're all needed because 'Complete Sets' purchased on Ebay weren't actually 'Complete'. It's hurt me numerous times, as you're about to see.

1981 Donruss Keith Hernandez #67

1982 Fleer Von Hayes #371

1984 Topps Chris Nyman #382

1986 Fleer Ron Meredith #374
Keith Moreland #375
Joel Youngblood #555

1991 Topps Mike Felder #44

1992 Pinnacle Alvin Davis #467

1993 Donruss Checklist #528

1993 Leaf Raul Mondesi #473

1994 Fleer Frank Thomas #96
Jeff Mutis #114

1996 Fleer Update Matt Mantei #133
Luis Alicea #181

1997 Topps (OF Rookies) #206
Luis Castillo #267

Thanks for reading, thanks even more for helping, if you do!

Nick J
beefman said…
Oh, also, I'm happy to pay for any costs you may incur, should you decide to assist.

Nick J
beefman said…
Also, believe it or not, I'm just 2 cards short of the MASSIVE 2006 Upper Deck set. They were also missing from the 'Complete Set' I had purchased. If anyone can help, you will be rewarded!

#550 Jerome Williams
#1034 Manny Delcarmen

Thanks in advance, Nick J

have your 2011 Topps update

send your address

anyone have 1999 topps #155
night owl said…
@beefman ~

I'll look and see if I have any of those.
beefman said…
Cheers, Owl!

As I stated, I'll be more than happy to pay for any cards + shipping costs.

Thanks again,

Nick J
Robert said…
The latest and greatest one card challenge for the $30 a week habit blog:

2013 Topps Heritage #259

buckstorecards said…
259 - Miguel Montero. Expect a PWE soon.
jacobmrley said…
I have a white whale for a wonderful team set page:

2008 UD Baseball Heroes - 106 Pedro Martinez blue parallel /199

I will give a grand reward to whomever can find this card.

carlsonjok said…
Okay, I need a single card.

2011 Tristar Obak #56 - Roger Connor
JediJeff said…
I wonder if anyone still checks this page. Let's find out:

Looking for a 2010 A&G base card of Jason Heyward #6. Anyone?
Bo said…
Here's two needs for me: 1993 Leaf Ken Griffey Jr. #319; 1994 Leaf Limited #18 Tim Salmon