Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'll get there

I am still not over my illness, but there are a few signs that things are improving. Things like being able to focus enough to type these sentences or concentrate on a football game on television.

I rarely get sick, so this was a doozy. And I still don't feel up to it enough for a proper post. I have never been so disinterested in blogging -- or just about everything -- in the last few days.

But I thought I'd get on here and show some cards I received, because, you know, that's what we do when we're healthy:

These are three high-numbered '71 needs from Matt at Card Anathema. Thanks to Matt I'm down to needing just nine cards to complete the set.

I owe Matt some cards. I owe several people some cards. Obviously, with the way things have been I am behind in every aspect of life, including trade packages.

I'll get there.

But for now, just know it took every ounce of energy to scan these three cards.


  1. That Sparky looks like its in good shape, I really need to upgrade mine.

  2. I love Rich Folkers' glasses

  3. I hope you get better, I miss the pace of your posts....and why couldnt they understand title case in 1971? Drink water and perform the Upward-facing dog!

  4. My wife and kids were sick last week. It made for a long week. Get well soon.

  5. Matlack rookie cards! In good shape too. Nice.

  6. Hey there, chief. Hope you're feeling better. As I'm cleaning up from the Bopocalypse and the Smedpocalypse this week, and preparing for the Card Showpocalypse in a few weeks, I'll look through my '71s and see if I have any of the cards you need. Pretty sure I have a few high # doubles, picked up at least 2 in White Plains this weekend.

    No, I'm not sure how I got to the point where '71 high number doubles became a going concern, either. More on this over on my site soon. Please he'p me.