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C.A.: 2009 Topps Chrome David DeJesus

(This is the anniversary of something I can't mention on this blog. ... Hey, LOOK!!! ... CARDS!!!!! ... I knew that would distract you. Time for Cardboard Appreciation. This is the 131st in a series):

All right, the scan of this card is going to sabotage the point of this post. But it's too late to be tinkering with settings on my scanner.

What I want to say is this card here is a perfect card. Well, as perfect as a card of a non-Dodger can be.

This is why:

There are really only three elements that I consider in what makes up a perfect card.

1. Card design
2. Photograph
3. Something special that enhances the photograph.

That's all that needs to be evaluated. Nothing about the player's rookie-ness, no super-bwahaha patch, no autograph, no piece of loin cloth. Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be.


Card design
Something special that enhances the photograph.

The 2009 Topps Chrome David DeJesus card has it all.

The 2009 Topps design is one of the best that was ever created, so it's got that going for it. The action photo is one of the best in the entire set. So the photograph aspect is covered. And finally, it's a chrome xfractor card. I know you can't see the xfractorness -- which is very disappointing -- but it's there.

For me, xfractors or colored refractors are about the only thing that can enhance the photograph on a card. Too many relics and autographs crowd out the photo, which is THE essential element of a baseball card for me.

So, really, this DeJesus item is cardboard perfection.

It's just too bad he isn't a Dodger.

(No, Colletti, that doesn't mean you can trade for him).


Now that's a card I can appreciate! Not that I don't appreciate the other cards.
Spiegel83 said…
Don't worry, Ned will sign DeJesus to a two year deal in 2016. That is about the time when DeJesus is barely good enough to hit a baseball or run the bases.
Josh D. said…
Be nice to David! He's my favorite player and his wife is really hot.

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