Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No direction

I looked up how often I've written housekeeping-type posts in the past, and I've done them exactly twice a year for the last four years.

That's pretty consistent, although I'm sure there have been a number of other "no direction, completely random, what-is-the-point-to-this" posts in the past that weren't labeled as "housekeeping."

So, at risk of throwing off the curve, I'm going to compile a housekeeping post 10 days into the new year. That means I have only one more left for 2012, unless I want to set the most meaningless record of all-time.

Here goes:

1. 75 MINIS

I have already produced a want list for the 1975 Topps mini set. It is grouped in with all my other want lists, and it is massive. I counted up my minis, and I have exactly 160, meaning there is a nice, round 500 more to go.

If you have some '75 minis that you're thinking about sending me, chances are very good that I don't have what you've got, but there's a list now to double-check. Many thanks to those who have already said they have some for me.

I'm not too particular on condition. If you send me something ripped, stained, folded in fifths or barfed on, I'm sure I'll upgrade it. But the card featured here is a good indication of something I'll accept. Scuffed and worn within reason is perfectly fine. Of course, if you have something freakishly mint, I'll take that, too.


The project has had some decent interest the first day. That means I'm linking it on the sidebar. If you are in need of a single card to complete a set (whether it's a base set, team set, insert set, whatever), click on the link to go to the post and leave a comment on what card you need. Hopefully, someone who has that card will see it and send it to you.

If you want to leave your contact information in the comments, that's fine. If you need me to find a contact for someone, I can do that, too. I just ask that you keep the "I need this card" comments to that particular post. Also, if you do receive the card you need, it'd be nice if you could comment that you got the card, just so you don't end up getting multiple copies from people.

If comments continue at this rate, I may create a blog page devoted to the One-Card Challenge and link from here. It can be the one-stop site for helping a fellow collector complete whatever set is nagging him/her.

Also, the logo I created in 5 minutes is an insult to anyone with graphic ability. If you have the time to produce a One-Card Challenge logo for me, I'd appreciate it. I may be able to send a few cards your way for your effort.

3. BEST OF THE '70s

The card that I thought would win the vote for the best Dock Ellis card of the '70s did win, easily. The 1973 Topps card received 28 of the 56 votes, exactly half. It makes me wonder how the '73 Ellis would do against the '72 In Action Ellis, which feature essentially the same photo.

Here is the final tally:

1. 1973 Topps - 28 votes
2. 1971 Topps - 10 votes
3. 1975 Topps - 4 votes
4. 1976 Topps - 4 votes
5. 1972 Topps - 3 votes
6. 1974 Topps - 3 votes
7. 1978 Topps - 3 votes
8. 1970 Topps - 1 vote
9. 1977 and 1979 Topps - 0 votes

My personal favorite is the 1975 Ellis, mostly for nostalgic reasons. But I'm sure if I saw the '73 Ellis when I was a kid, I'd think that was the coolest one, too.

Dock will take his rightful place in the tabs as soon as I get a chance.


A couple of weeks ago I tested the waters for a Tigers fan, as I had been pulling Tigers parallels at a pretty rapid rate lately.

I didn't get any interest. Maybe Verlander is the only collectible Tiger? I don't know. But since then, I've added this Kaline Lineage mini card to the pile. If you're interested in this card or any of the other Tigers, they're still available.

Well, except for this card:

It's on its way to Spiegel. He jumped at the chance to own it and I have no trouble trading with Spiegel at all. So it's all his as soon as I get the chance to send it.

And while I'm at it, I've accumulated a small amount of Cardinals, too. Usually all of my Cardinals go to madding, and I hope these do, too. I just haven't seen him around lately, so I'm wondering if he's laying low on the trading front.

This may perk him up though:

A Bob Gibson cloth card. Woooo, I like that one!

Unless someone bowls me over with an offer, this will head to madding anyway. Got to keep those regular traders intact.

OK, I that's it for now.

I think I am now going to bask in the glow of college football season being over. One more sign that baseball season is on its way.


  1. I'd love to acquire the Jacob Turner liquor and the Kaline mini. I shall search for something appropriate to send you. Thanks much.

    FYI: I have a new address. I'll send you an e-mail when I get to you (tomorrow) about what I have to send. Thanks.

  2. Oh, completing team sets also qualifies for the challenge? Well then, I'm 1 card short of completing my Topps 1967 Mets team set. All I need Tom Seaver's rookie card. :)

  3. I think Madding is still torn between celebrating the World Series and being abandoned by Albert. The One Card Challenge is brilliant. I'm not surprised by the response.

  4. Awesome! A new Nomo heading my way. Thanks, Godfather!

    Did you get my trade package yet?

  5. Gotta love the 75 minis! As a child in the late 80's/early 90's, I remember grabbing a 1975 Topps Mike Schmidt mini. It was off center and a little worn on the corners, but with Beckett then touting it to be $75 with the 1.5 multiplier (or similar), I felt like the luckiest kid on the planet.

  6. I've got a logo idea for the one-card challenge. I have no design skill so I won't feel bad if you reject it. Will send along later today.