Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm not collecting this set, I don't really like this set, please help me complete it

There is currently a race going on between two sets that are near completion in my collection.

One is 2009 OPC. I need three cards. I should have completed it months ago. But the cards always slip my mind. Marcus Thames, Scott Feldman and Justin Duchscherer are not guys around which anyone is basing their collection.

The other set is 2011 Lineage.

Good god, you're saying, why would I be collecting THAT? Yes, I know.

I'm not really collecting it. I just happen to have a lot of the cards because I like the minis so much. That results in a bunch of extra, uh, packing material left over. It's like when you order something and you have to dig through all the styrofoam peanuts to get to what you ordered. After you've found it, you're left with a box and a whole mess of styrofoam peanuts.

I figured -- hey, I might as well collect the styrofoam peanuts. I sure have enough of them.

Then there are people like Chris from Nachos Grande, who has even more styrofoam peanuts than me, who wants to help me out with this collection that I never intended to have. So he sent me a whole bunch of styrofoam:

I don't have anything more to say about these cards. They're dull, unmemorable, and the backs are worse. It's an obvious insert-based set.

But at 200 base cards, with no shortprints, you're not going to find an easier set to complete. Which is why, without even attempting to complete it for one second, I find myself just seven short of wrapping up an entire set of 2011 Topps Styrofoam Peanuts ... er, I mean, Lineage.

If you have one or more of the following:

#47, #70, #83, #93, #165, #171, #186

I'll take them, I guess.

Might as well say I completed something from 2011. Allen & Ginter is sure taking its sweet, darling time.

Just don't expect to see a big, old announcement when I finish off the thing. And certainly don't expect me to show off the cards. Nobody needs to see that.

In fact, you'll probably know I'm done with the set when you see this pop up on the blog:

It'll mean the 2011 Topps Styrofoam Peanuts set is fini.


  1. I don't have much Lineage,can't help you there.I do have 2 #1's though, if you need an extra Koufax. I do have a lot of 2009 OPC. I have three different "Scotts", but not Feldman!
    I can send you some styrafoam peanuts.

  2. I have 171 Sandberg as well as Justin Duchscherer OPC. I know you're holding: Jacob Turner liquor and the Kaline mini - for me and, no, I know that's not a fair trade so I'll hold these and prowl for some more!


  3. Doh! :)

    Just Duchscherer then (for now).

  4. Psst...Owlie..I got wha chou need. Yo man, you got any chrome for me? Can you help a bro out?

  5. That means I have all of them but Ott.

  6. I think that's the first time someone has referred to the cards I sent them as packing material...but I suppose your analogy isn't that far off. You know what though, I've thought about this - what could Topps have done with the back of those cards? If they had done full stats it would be like another flagship year or career stats and it would be like Tier One, etc. The one change I would make is to have all the backs the same color, otherwise they don't bother me quite as much as they bother everyone else (even if they are really quite boring).

  7. Baseball Dad ~

    No need for the Lineage Koufaxes or the peanuts. Unless you're sending real peanuts ... nah, not even if you're sending those.

    carlsonjok ~

    Thanks! You're the Lineage king

    Potch ~

    Thanks. Sure would like to OPC finished off.

    Kyle4KC ~

    I'll have to check the chrome I've got and get back to you.

    FanofReds ~

    I still think they could've done something better with the backs.

  8. I've got Feldman and Thames from OPC! Hit all around #418 but didn't have Duchscherer. I should still have your address. I'll email you too. Greg A

  9. don't badmouth lineage! Front design is pretty good, the subjects are pretty good (many retired and HOFs, not the S.O.S. current semistars/superstarsd). The only thing bad is the backs of the base cards.

    As for lineage inserts, I do like the 1952 reprint autos.

    I'll look over your want list after I finish busting some boxes - I have one Lineage box left and a few OPC boxes left to bust and see how close to sets I can get before I have duplicates to see if you need.