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The whippersnapper's got this card thing down

One of the newer blogs that came to light right before Blogger started freaking out over the number of blogs that I had in my blog roll was Dime Boxes -- The Low-End Baseball Card Collector's Journey.

If you're not familiar with it, then I'm sure you've already come up with a picture of a person who would name their blog that. He's probably 58 years old, right? He might not be married. Maybe he's divorced. Maybe his wife has long-suffered his card collecting habit for decades. Maybe he has never been married and lives in a basement apartment with his two cats and a collection of National Geographics.

Who else would look for all their cards in dime boxes? Certainly not someone young and wide-eyed, who doesn't have to shield his eyes when he sees something shiny. Because his eye sight is perfect! He's young and on the hunt for MOJO!

Well, I am telling you, you are WRONG with your stereotypes and biases. How could you compartmentalize the youthful owner of the Dime Boxes blog? Did you know this dime-box guy is still in school? At least I think he's still in school. I've seen pictures of him on his blog and either he is the youngest 58-year-old I have ever seen or he is STILL IN SCHOOL.

He goes through dime boxes and he's STILL IN SCHOOL!

Do I have to repeat it again? Do you know how great that is?

Not only that, but his posts address subjects that I address on my blog. In fact, he's displayed a lot of the same cards that I have displayed in the past. Except that he's younger than me. And is a lot wiser than I was at that age. There was no shiny or mojo when I was that age, but if there was, I'd probably be chasing it. A dime box? What the hell does anyone want to do with a box of dimes?

I've enjoyed Nick's posts quite a bit, and I'm glad he's got it figured out already. It's about the cards, man! Not what companies have added to cards. It's about the card and the photos and the stories themselves. Nick, my man, nice work.

Nick recently sent me some cards, including the former Nebulous 9 need at the top, the Eric Davis traded card from '92. He even knows how to hunt down Nebulous 9 needs. I didn't know what a Nebulous 9 need was when I was that age. I was probably too busy eyeing the babe in front of me in calculus class (yes, there were babes in calculus class).

Here is the greatest card that he sent:

I have wanted this card for quite awhile. It is very upsetting to know about an insert from a favorite set, an insert featuring a player on your favorite team from a favorite set, and YOU DON'T HAVE IT.

Now I do. I love the Bellbottomed Bashers set from 2001 Upper Deck '70s. I need to pursue the rest of it and then chase down the Disco Dandies set. Then, I'll finally be happy.

I think this is the first gold card I've featured since I flipped out and did that We Buy Gold Inserts commercial. I'm glad you liked it. It means ideas that come to me at 1:17 in the morning do not go in vain.

Oh, goodness. It's Co-Signers. See? Topps DOES do some smart stuff. It got rid of Co-Signers. I still don't know what this set was about -- I hope I never do.

We've waded into the Pacific portion of the post. A bunch of players who disappointed.

Ouch. More 1990s disappointment. No encore for me please, Mr. Brown.

And finally we have three cards of one of least favorite Dodger pitchers ever. I cringed and cursed every time Ismael Valdes took the mound. Yet, I am doomed to collect him. Ismael has his ultimate revenge.

But I'm not ungrateful. All of these cards are ones that I needed, and I'm wondering if Nick grabbed any out of dime boxes.

Personally, I never find any dime boxes when I'm at shows (and don't get me started about card shops). If I'm lucky, I find 50-cent or dollar boxes.

Next time I'm around them, I'll have to dig through some and find some cards for Nick.

I don't want him thinking it's solely a young person's job.


Spiegel83 said…
You are right about Nick. That kid has a great blog. I need to trade with that guy.
I am digging 'Dime Boxes' too. Time for Nick to pony up the proper ID - my guess is that he is 37 and from the Dominican... Real name Juan Carlos Oviedo!
Nick said…
Thanks so much for the kind words and glad you enjoyed the cards! (The Quantrill and Garvey cards did indeed come out of a couple dime boxes.)

And don't worry, there's still babes in math classes these days. That hasn't changed. :)
Cool Breeze said…
His blog is really good and he makes me remember how fun collecting was BEFORE i figured out these pieces of cardboard were actually worth something and you had to get a pack with an insert/relic/etc....
AdamE said…
Nick is one of the blogs I look forward to reading every day. When those Gummy things come around again he's a shoe-in for best new blog.
You can add me to the list of guys that enjoy Nick's blog. "Discovered" it about a month and a half ago. Visited every day since and he is one of only a handful of BBC blogs I've bookmarked. I hope he keeps it up.

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