Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2011 Allen and Ginter, an update

No, I haven't received the Manny Ramirez card already. The One-Card Challenge doesn't work that quickly.

It's just that the usual has happened.

I should never announce my set progress until I put that set into a binder. The binder reveals what the want list doesn't -- what cards I am REALLY missing from the set.

After placing my 2011 Allen and Ginter cards in a binder yesterday, I discovered to my horror (I have experienced this horror about 57 times, so I really shouldn't be horrified anymore), that there were two other blank pockets besides the Ramirez card at #316.

The second blank pocket -- #101 -- I filled easily, to my relief. Peter Bourjos was sitting in my dupes stack as I suspected. I was just happy that I hadn't traded it off.

The other blank pocket houses card #77.

Of course, a Dodger card.

This card is already in my Dodger binder, which is why I'm not going to the One Card Challenge post and removing my Ramirez request. I still need only ONE card. I HAVE the Furcal card. I just don't have two of them.

As every team collector who also gets suckered into the task off collecting a set knows, you need two of every card that features your favorite team.

I know what happened in this case. I THOUGHT I had two cards already.

But it's actually one of those code cards, which is my least favorite part of Allen & Ginter easily. Will someone figure out this blasted code so we can never, ever do this again, PLEASE?

But even though I realized that I needed a second non-code Furcal card, I didn't sweat it. I figured it was in my large stack of Dodger dupes from the past year that I haven't organized yet.

But I leafed through them all, and it's very apparent that bloggers did not collect Allen & Ginter like they did in previous years. I found just one 2011 Allen & Ginter Dodger dupe. And it wasn't Furcal.

So, Rafael Furcal is back on my want list. Oh goody.

I'll probably take the one I have now and move it to my Allen & Ginter binder, just so I can keep the charade ... er, fact that I need only one card to complete the set going.

Me and my stupid completion fixations.


I have created a temporary (maybe) list on the sidebar of new card blogs, with links to those blogs.

Since I can't update my blogroll with new blogs, this list will remain until Blogger can fix whatever it broke.

If you have a card blog that isn't on either list, let me know, and I'll get it on the temporary list.


  1. Sorry to post an off-topic comment, but I wanted to ask if you would update your link to my blog as we moved to our permanent domain at (no more blogspot)

  2. Will do. I'll probably have to list the blog in the "new blogs" category as I can do absolutely nothing with the blogroll due to Blogger's current constraints.

  3. Nice. However you had to old blog listed, I got quite a few hits coming from your thanks!

  4. I have the Furcal if you still need it.