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Awesome night card, pt. 62

See that photo? That photo represents work life in 2009 for me. I am Albert in the middle, running from bad to worse, trying to get away, but feeling like there's no way out.

I went to work yesterday, feeling fine, only to discover that it's still 2009 there. And 2009 + work = black hole of suckage. I should know that by now. I really can't wait for the year to get over, but I have a feeling it's not going to improve in 2010.

I wish I had the money to go back to school, to go in a different direction -- although I don't even know what that direction would be. The truth is, I love to write. I always will, so I'm not sure if a different direction is the right move.

So, I'll probably just stay in the middle, running from one bad thing to the next, clinging to whatever glimpse of freedom I own (I do have a vacation next week, they haven't taken that away ... yet). For the first time in my life, buying a lottery ticket seems attractive. I mean like something I could do daily.

Sorry to vent. Sorry I'm cranky this week. Sorry it's not about cards. (One thing: why is Polanco's signature under Pujols, and why is Casey's right on his butt?) Those of you who blog about cards and nothing but, I don't know how you do it sometimes.

Back to cards later. And thank goodness for cards.


Mark Aubrey said…
Okay, help me out. What makes you think this is a night card? I'm not doubting you, but it is time for educating those that need it.

Roy said…
The saturation of the infield colors plus reflection on the King's helmet.

In a day game, the color washes out of broad backdrops such as infield dirt or grass.

Plus the light reflection on Albert's helmet is in a ring-pattern, due to the stadium lights.
night owl said…
You can tell by the lighting on the subjects, Mark. It's artificial light, not natural light. And neither the Cardinals nor the Tigers play in a dome.

Secondly, this photo is from the 2006 World Series between the Cardinals and Tigers. And it's practically a law now that all WS games must take place at night.
Mark Aubrey said…
Thanks, guys. Amazing what you learn when you read card blogs.
Anonymous said…
Well, our business has a tendency to do that, Greg. BTW, up for another package of Dodgers coming from California? I'll try to get it out to you next week.