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Cardboard appreciation: quarterfinal #3

(I saw snow this afternoon for the first time this season. Last year I saw snow for the first time before Halloween, with a freak storm that took out the tree in my backyard. I can appreciate a Nov. 30th snow much more, especially when nothing even sticks to the ground. So, in that appreciative mood, I bring you Cardboard Appreciation):

In a fantastic free-for-all, a veritable donnybrook if you will, the 1975 Herb Washington card survived to advance out of Cardboard Appreciation quarterfinal #2.

For awhile there, I thought I was going to have to cast the deciding vote, as the Washington card and the '75 Rollie Fingers card were tied for a lengthy period. Fortunately, voters selected the card I would have picked anyway, Mr. Washington.

Here is the vote tally:

Herb Washington, 1975 Topps, 19 votes
Rollie Fingers, 1975 Topps, 17 votes

There are other '75 Topps cards on the CA horizon. But the next quarterfinal features nothing of the sort. Here is what you're voting on for quarterfinal #3:

First, the fantastic 1991 Topps Carlton Fisk card. While you ponder the greatness of this card, ask yourself, would the card be as great without the yellow guard rails?

I have a hard time believing that this card will lose, because this is its competition:

I didn't even think this card would advance out of the first round. But here it is, ready to prove me -- and anyone who has a bias against off-center photos -- wrong, again.

So, prove me wrong. Or right. Poll is ready and waiting on the sidebar.


Easiest one yet. Pudge gets it.
Roy said…
The first card, one of my favorites in my own collection, is just phenomenal. Catchers, especially ones of his caliber, are rarely glorified in the equipment, and this one has a 275lb+ Cecil coming into knock Pudge into the on deck circle.