Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mmmmmmmmmminniii ... pages!!!!

Now don't get excited. If I found pages to fit my 1975 minis, the whole post would be in capital letters.

No, all I've got for you are mini pages that fit Allen & Ginter minis, sent to me by Ryan at O No!!! Another Orioles Blog.

Believe me, that's exciting enough for me. In fact, when Ryan announced that he had a bunch of A&G minis from the last few years of Allen & Ginter, the most thrilling part of his announcement was that he would send mini pages along with the cards.

I am forever running out of mini pages, and too cheap to search them out on my own. So I signed up quickly.

I am so grateful for the pages that I am featuring the cards I received inside the pages, just how Ryan sent them to me.

A couple of '07 minis of two guys that caused Dodger fans more frustration than anything else. We fans are never satisfied.

A surprise Dee Gordon Gypsy Queen black Dee Gordon mini joins two former Dodger favorites from '07. Martin's hitting in a pinball stadium right now, and Penny is playing for that other team I can't stand. It's going to be another year of living in fear of a Yankees-Giants World Series. Get the puke bowl ready.

I really like the '06 minis a lot. I have so few of them. And an early Andre Ethier mini is terrific.

You might be wondering about the Jamie Fisher mini. I am, too. It turns out to be my fault. I listed #174 on my want list instead of #173, which is the Andy LaRoche card. So I ended up with Lumberjack Jamie instead.

Oh well, at least it fills a spot in my frankenset binder.

Speaking of which, I also requested this card:

It's a terrific card to have in mini form.

I looked forward to putting it in my frankenset binder. Then I noticed that there was already a card in the #183 spot.

Harriet Tubman. A&G back.


I then promptly removed the Tubman card and put furry piggy in her place.

That's right. I chose a rodent over an American icon.

The good thing about this binder is I don't have to explain it to anyone but me.


  1. I have an "extended series" page in my Frankenset binder for those cards that didn't quite make the cut but still deserve to be there.

  2. Gopher wins, hands down. Not many cards could beat that, actually.