Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Are we all sick of Heritage?

Yesterday, Topps released this image of next year's Heritage set on Twitter. Among the people in my timeline -- which I admit is not very advanced at this time -- it received a small amount of enthusiasm from some diehards.

On the blogs, I saw exactly one post about it. On Beckett. Where I almost never go.

I'm not sure what that says.

Here's what I think it says: The card blogosphere is bored by hobby news. The card blogosphere is bored by Heritage. The card blogosphere is bored by the 1964 Topps design.

Taking each sentence by itself would not produce a true statement. The blogosphere certainly jumped on the news of the 2013 Topps base design. It certainly went through a Heritage love-fest back in March. And, there's at least one blogger who thinks the '64 design is very cool.

But collectively, I'd say all those sentences have some truth to them to create one larger truth. A lot of the "hobby news" people have migrated to Twitter or have given up their enthusiasm for collecting baseball cards, for reasons that I really don't know or understand.

The excitement for Heritage isn't as strong as it was back in 2008, when I first started following blogs. Granted, '08 Heritage had one of the best designs Topps ever made (1959), but the fever with which collectors waited for Heritage was something palpable. I don't sense that anymore.

And, really, the '64 set is not that great. I'm not a fan of a lot of the Topps designs of the '60s  -- 1965 and 1967 excluded -- so you should consider the source when reading that sentence. But I've heard more than one person say that the '64 set is slightly above "meh."

You can agree or disagree with any or all of the above three paragraphs, but this fact remains: Three years ago, we would not be seeing just one, single, solitary post on the release of next year's Heritage design.

So, here I am, a guy who isn't all that into the '64 set, who doesn't want this blog to become a card news blog, giving my thoughts on the 2013 Heritage set.

Here's what I think:

I like it. It's cool. I don't know how Topps did it, but it made the 1964 design look fresh and clean. It's a simple design that's bold at the same time. And somehow Topps didn't make it look dated.

I know the Darvish card is just one card and there could be disasters waiting to strike. One of the things I don't like about the '64 set is how many up-close, in-your-face, giant heads that are in this set. If Topps can take a step back with all of the cards, like the Darvish card, I will be most impressed.

Now, they have a lot more work to do trying to spruce up those crazy orange creamsicle backs.

And what about the scratch-off quiz on the back? Are they going to let collectors DEFILE their 2013 Heritage cards by scratching a coin on the back of the card???? (That is sarcasm, you serious, serious people).

So, there you are: your newsflash from night owl about 2013 Heritage.

Oh, you want to hear about "price point" and "odds" and "pack out" and "hits per box" and all that stuff?

You'll have to find another card blog.

If those kinds of blogs exist anymore.


  1. I don't have an issue with the 64 design. It's clean and gets a bit of a bad wrap. I have an issue with how Topps totally screws the look with the trademark, registered and logo creeps all over the card. They are too cluttered and ugly with all the shit on them.

  2. Honestly not a fan of Heritage, I have a very hard time getting excited about a set that is almost entirely posed photos no matter what the design.

  3. I had no idea Topps even released an image of next year's set. Exciting! I love Heritage above all other Topps releases. I've never bought a hobby box of anything before, but next year I'm treating myself to at least one 2013 Heritage hobby box. Can't wait!

  4. 1964 is right in the middle of my favorite Topps designs. I'm not a huge fan of it, but I'm looking forward to seeing what next year's Heritage set has in store.

    However, what I'm really excited about is 2014 Topps Heritage. The '65 Topps design is my all-time favorite.

  5. I think Heritage is going to be a yawner for a few years until they get around to the '68 design. That said, I'm sure I'll still end up buying some each year.

    Hopefully it'll be around long enough to get into the '71-75 range.

  6. I refuse to buy any more "new" Heritage cards until I am able to track down the plethora of missing short prints (and inserts) from the previous years of Heritage that I'm still working on. Given the snail like pace I've been on, don't expect to see current Heritage cards on my blog for another decade or so.

  7. I think Heritage is a decent product. The price may be a little too high on packs and boxes though. The inserts usually make me shrug and the "hits" are only one per box on average. Kinda weak.

    The part I do like about Heritage is that is is great for in-person and TTM autos. The player list in each set is impressive from stars to average players to bums.

  8. I really like the idea of an annual set of current players in an old classic design. The downside is that every year it's the same exact structure. The excessive shortprints guarantee that you will never complete the set without either being a case breaker or spending triple the high book value of the master set.
    And the inserts are precisely the same old thing every single year. Flashbacks, New Age Performers, Then & Now, etc. etc. *yawn* CHANGE IT UP A LITTLE! Make the inserts new versions of inserts that the original sets had. Though now Archives and Lineage have pre-empted that.
    I'd make Heritage an annual buy if I thought I could finish it and the inserts were interesting...

  9. The SPs are an absolute killer.

    I have no issue with the other things. I like the concept of new players on old designs and formats (I like history). The inserts don't bother me because I don't focus on those much. The relative lack of hits isn't an issue at all.

    But the damn SPs ensure that I will not try to complete this set until at least 2021, if ever.

  10. You may not realize it, but you are drawn to this card because of the gorgeous Texas Rangers uniform pictured on it, and the wonderful word "Rangers" at the top.

    And I'm with you on the crappyness of SPs.

  11. A big part of the initial apathy likely stems from the fact that one image was given and nothing else. It's Heritage, the most predictable set of the year as well.

    When full details come out, then the chatter will pick up.

  12. The 1964 design is okay, and I like it.

    Is it my favorite of the 1960s designs by Topps? No. But it's not terrible, either.

    Hiwever, I'm not a collector of new stuff so I really don't matter in this equation. But for all of the statements that the collectors didn't know which design was coming...it's been known since 2001 that Heritage was going to copy the set from whatever 49 years ago was.

    Personally, I'd love to see the scratch-off on the back. Even if I don't collect them.

  13. I don't think many outlets picked up the story outside of Beckett for some reason. As far as the design goes, I find it pretty boring. It works, but it doesn't really do anything for me to see someone like Yu Darvish on these cards. I think 2014 Heritage will be pretty snappy, assuming it's still around by then.

  14. Let's see; I hate all the action shots for the and LOVE the posed shots. Back in the day that is how we remembered our cards. No one remembers cards from one year to the next. I am eager for the next five years of Heritage and not looking forward when they get into those BORING ACTION shots that started in the late seventies