Wednesday, September 26, 2012

... and then there was 100

I have finally whittled down my list of cards for "The Best Dodger Card Ever Made" Countdown to an even 100 cards.

That means I can begin the countdown.

But not now. I'm sleepy and cranky. And before I get dopey, I need my rest.

So I'll just show you the final three cards to miss the cut. And you can leave your outraged comments about how you can't BELIEVE that card won't be in the top 100 and how you're never reading this blog again!!!

But I won't care as I'll be in a peaceful dream haze.

So, quickly, because I feel myself nodding off, here are the cards that got the final boot:

2006 Upper Deck Greg Maddux

Back when Maddux joined the Dodgers -- the first time -- I couldn't wait to get a card of him in a Dodger uniform. But Topps kept foiling me by producing cards of Maddux photoshopped into a Dodger uniform. And photoshopped poorly, I might add. I don't consider that a true Maddux Dodger card.

Upper Deck featured the first true "Greg Maddux As Dodger" card in '06, and it's been special to me ever since.

But taking the entire countdown into consideration, the Dodgers have had plenty of star players on their team who are known more for playing for others. Maddux is just one of those guys like Jim Thome and Ken Boyer. And that's not good enough to make the final 100.

1994 Stadium Club Chan Ho Park

Yeah, it's a great card. Yeah, it's Chan Ho's rookie card.

But think about the career Park had. Decent, but more frustrating than anything else. Especially if you're a Rangers fan.

I did keep a Chan Ho Park card on the countdown. But this ain't it.

2001 Stadium Club Adrian Beltre

Wow, what do I have against Stadium Club?

Nothing really. And I like this card a lot. But I'm pretty convinced, judging by the reaction of the fans in the stands, that Beltre isn't anywhere near the ball. All that effort for nothing.

Plus, I can't see the player's face, which is a pet peeve of mine in photos, especially on cards.

So those are the last three cards that will be forced to sit on the outside, forever watching as the countdown party goes on inside without them.

(Gee, that's happy isn't it?)

On to the countdown!!!!!

Well, after I get the top 100 in the proper order, of course.

Yes, the waiting continues.


  1. I really will quit reading if your top 100 is full of crotch shots (Park) and guys bent over (Beltre)…

  2. The last time I showed the Beltre card I got this comment:

    "Fantastic action shot!!!!!"

    You people ...

  3. I am actually outraged that the Chan Ho rookie didn't make it. Maybe top 50?

  4. I don't blame you for leaving out the Maddux - he didn't look good in Dodger colors.