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How many more of these are there?

I mentioned the other day that I had made my first card purchase on ebay in more than three years.

That purchase begat another purchase, which begat another purchase.

"Uh-oh," I thought. "This is how it started the last time."

Don't worry. I've got things under control. A much more mature night owl is traveling the scenery these days. But while I'm here, I might as well show you what I got, right?

Two of the items have to do with this card here:








The last two cards were my first two ebay pick-ups in a long, long while.

My question now is how many more versions of this card are there?

I know the Walmart black and Target throwback cards are still out there. Those things are way too difficult to find, thanks to Topps' mercifully aborted stealth blaster plot of 2009-2011.

I hope to track them down sometime. But besides those, what else could there be? Probably some platinum 1-of-1 card, right? A printing plate maybe?

Really, I want to know. All of them.

Because I want to have them all. It's just two too great of a card to pass up any versions.

Hell, it got me back on ebay after three years.

That's the power that this card has.


Ryan H said…
I think all you are looking for now are the #/60 Hope Diamond parallel and the 1/1 Platinum and Printing Plates. Topps stopped doing the Target Throwbacks and Wal-Mart Blacks and replaced them with the red and blue borders. You're closer to the end that you thought!
Wilson said…
There's also Topps Chrome if you want to count that, which may or may not be the same photo, I can't find one quickly. It doesn't appear he made it into Opening Day though.
night owl said…
Chrome is a different photo, which is great, knowing how many parallels there are in Chrome. Gordon's not in Opening Day.

Having no Walmart black/Target throwback to chase is a relief!! Those can be a pain. Rainbow here I come! Thanks!
Once a Cub said…
Is this a regular issue or Update? If it is from the regular set, there's the factory set version too.

Otherwise it's just the Hope Diamond (#/60), Platinum 1/1 and Printing Plates.
night owl said…
It's the Update set -- again, another aspect that keeps the number of parallels down to something manageable.
You must really like these cards. It's not like you to make a grammatical error.
night owl said…
I must be the only blogger who has his grammatical errors pointed out.
madding said…
They started doing purple parallels for Toys 'R Us at some point, but I can't find anything from 2011 on eBay. They may not have started that until this year.
night owl said…
I know Toys R' Us had purple parallels in 2011 because I have at least one. But I don't know if they did it for the Update set.