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Hoots & Tweets, Part 2

Is that little montage glorious?

This was supposed to be the background for my new Twitter account.

That's right. I said Twitter.

The thing I said I didn't understand and the thing I quit over a year ago.

Well, I'm back.

And I have my reasons.

I quit Twitter because it had become a chore. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was a chore because I wasn't using it the way that I should and I was confused about it.

For me, Twitter is an informational tool. A way to give and to receive information quickly. That's how it works at my job. That's how I like Twitter.

Other people like Twitter for other things. For the randomness. For the free-form ability to comment on anything. To vent. To root. To follow celebrities.

The last time I was on Twitter I tried to do all that. And I got sick of it. It felt empty and I wasn't getting anything out of it. So I quit.

But there were a handful of things that I missed about it. Most of that was the informational stuff about the hobby that I received when I was on there. There was some good stuff (and not to mention a few contests to be won). There was also the immediacy of sharing information about cards that is really unlike anything else. There are people over there that used to be over here that I miss.

And then, a few days ago, I thought, "what if I created a Twitter account and just tweeted about cards?" The hobby and trading cards. And that's it.

So that's what I decided to do. I have a Twitter account called NothingButCards. You can find it @nightowlcards

All you will find on it is my thoughts about cards, and info I turn up concerning cards, and the collecting hobby. That's it.

I will not root for my team on this account. I will not denigrate other teams on this account. I won't write about my experience in the grocery store or how pissed off I am at my neighbor. I won't whine about work or politics or traffic. (Fortunately, I will still do some of that stuff here).

I also won't respond to comments concerning the above from any followers I happen to have. Not that I don't care about your problems. It's just that I don't want to get involved in stuff like that on this account. If it's related to the hobby, then, yeah, we can chat about that. If you really need my attention concerning something else, well that's why I still email.

So most of what you're going to get is: "Hey check out this cool thing I found on the back of a 1983 Donruss card ..."

You know, like the stuff you find here on this blog. Except much shorter.

Yes, I'll be promoting my posts here and on the 1971 and 1985 Topps blogs over on Twitter, too. They are card-related, you know.

But I hope most of it is just fun little, "hey maybe you didn't know this" facts, or trading thoughts on whatever new release might be out.

Many times I hear something related to cards and there is no place for me to relay it. It can't be a blog post because it's like two sentences long.

Now I have a place where it will go.

So, if you're on Twitter, and want to check it out, feel free to follow me. I've even got a nice little icon of U.L. Washington to amuse you.

As for the background image, I couldn't add it to my account because apparently the file size is too big. I can't make it smaller because I don't have photoshop and I already tried to convert it from a JPEG to a GIF and that didn't do anything.

If you have any suggestions in this area, I'm taking them. But I'm kind of digging my orgy of Upper Deck Ron Cey that I have as my background right now, so there's no hurry to change it.

I'm hoping this latest experiment will work out better than the last.

So, that's the big announcement.

What'd you think it was going to be? That I was following my wife to the Ukraine?

Sorry, I don't lead that interesting of a life.


Andy said…
You can use to make the image a .png and that should be small enough. Make sure it's 72 DPI.

I hope that your posts from all your blogs get automatically posted as links to Twitter--that will make it even easier for me to share them.
Jeff said…
If you have Microsoft Office, then Picture Manager will resize pictures easily.
deal said…
Team Phungo proud to be follower #18. good luck keeping your professional and card accounts separated. It can be confusing.
night owl said…
It's already confusing! Thanks.
Anonymous said…
I've never been on twitter. I always just liked the idea of blogging better - I'm more of a "journal" or "log" type person than a "here's a random thought" type.

I may try it some day with similar parameters you've got.
dayf said…
If you're following me, you're sure as hell not going to get a whole lot of card information. Just telling you that right now.

Also: two months before a presidential election is probably the worst time to join Twitter ever. I can already tell we're gearing up for ALL OUTRAGE. ALL THE TIME. ABOUT EVERYTHING.

That being said, have fun.
Anonymous said…
T'Wolves are going to regret dumping Jonny Flynn and going with the Euro-trash clown.
night owl said…
@dayf ~

I have an itchy Unfollow finger that I'm already not afraid to use.
night owl said…
Thanks for the help on the background image. It's now up and official-like.
Andy said…
I believe I have the honor of being Night Owl's first follower.