Wednesday, July 20, 2011

While I'm waiting ...

My box of Gint-a-Cuffs III-destined Allen & Ginter is starting to acquire dust, and maybe a little moss on its north face, which is odd since it's hotter than heck and rains once every 12 days around here.

I'm told that the rules for this year's contest will be handed down any moment, and I really hope so. I am dying to dump this horribly mediocre box (think dayf's A&G box, which has striking similarities to mine), on the collecting public.

Because I have a really difficult time sitting on a full hobby box for that long, here are a couple minor notes from my box. Don't want to give away the "good stuff" yet.

The first is the ad for an exclusive Allen & Ginter binder. There were a couple of these in the box.

Anybody else get thrown off by these, thinking they were some kind of major hit?

I did. That's because the ad is on the bottom of the pack, and if you open the pack, the first thing you see is the back of the ad. And the back looks like this:

It has a faux-wood quality. And it's vaguely thicker than your normal ad card with a blank white back would be. In fact, it made the pack slightly heftier, at least I thought so.


(*Gasp, wheez, hyperventilate, find paper bag, exhale slowly*)

Heh. It's fun to have an overactive imagination, isn't it?

Yet another example of getting my hopes up for nothing.

All of my Allen & Ginter hobby boxes have been exceedingly average. This one is no exception.

So let's take a look at another one of the base cards:

Eric Jackson is a legend among freestyle kayakers. That's the sport where they do crazy tricks and stuff over river waves. I only know this because he has competed in the Olympics, and he's been to my town a few times, and I've interviewed him.

An unexpected Brush With Greatness card!

The Black River runs through Watertown and it is noted for its prime kayaking waves especially right in the city. People come from all over to practice their craft.

The sport isn't for me. It's closer to one of those X Games "stunt" sports than what I prefer in my sports viewing. But there's no doubt Jackson is the master. He's the king of the sport, owns a business, and has spawned load of followers, especially overseas. His kids are top freestyle kayakers, too.

The national/world events that were held in Watertown a few years ago don't come here anymore, mostly I think because of lack of interest, especially by the city government. But it's still cool to see Jackson pop up on an A&G card. It's this kind of unexpected stuff that really makes A&G fun.

One other fun bit of A&G.

I pulled a card from one of those unannounced mini insert sets. It's nothing wild, but I'm not going to reveal it now because I want to wait for Gint-a-Cuffs III and get my duly deserved 3,500 points for it.

And no, it's not that Floccuence Brian Wilson card.

My box wasn't that bad.

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