Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gint-a-cuffs III: My box's tribute to The National

I've been doing this Gint-a-Cuffs thing for three years now. I have purchased four boxes of A&G during that time. Granted, it's not a lot compared to some people. But out of those four boxes, just once you'd think I would have pulled a rip card, or a numbered Bazooka back, or some crazy relic. I'd even settle for a box that was geared toward my favorite team. Like this one.

But there's no chance of that this year. So, I'll just say that next year, "I'm due."

Moving on.

Presenting packs 13-16:


245 - Brian McCann, Braves (0 points, what can I tell ya, Captain)
225 - Jack LaLanne, fitness guru (0 points)
217 - Shaun Marcum, Brewers (0 points)
295 - Chris Carpenter, Cardinals (0 points)

BHS-25 Ichiro (+3 Baseball Highlight Sketch). Two years in a row of these sketches and I'm still not liking them. They don't work, they don't belong in A&G, and I trade them every chance I get.

315 - Jayson Werth, Nationals (+2 short print)

189 - Dexter Fowler, Rockies (+3 black border mini)

HH16 - Dan Uggla, Braves (+1 Hometown Heroes insert)

Pack 13 total: 9 points
Total through 13 packs: 113 points


54 - Austin Jackson, Tigers (0 points)
148 - Sanya Richards, U.S. gold medal runner (0 points)
138 - Matt Garza, Cubs (0 points)
287 - Yovani Gallardo, Brewers (0 points, I think the Brewers might be gaining on the Marlins in this box)

BHS-19 - Matt Garza, Rays (+3 Baseball Highlight sketch)

It's a Matt Garza hot pack!!!!!!

346 - Brett Gardner, Yankees (+2 short print, - 1 for being easy to dislike, +1 total)

This guy. I am actually avoiding watching Yankees games this year because of players like him. It's a matter of self-preservation. Between him, Teixeira, Swisher, Russell Martin, Burnett and A-Rod, I could easily vomit four times a game.

UG6 - The Lemp Mansion (+3 Uninvited Guests mini)

Suicide victims who turned into ghosts. Happy.

FF1 - HMS Victory (+2 Floating Fortress series)

This is a nice-looking set. I'm not really a boat/plane/train guy, but I like these.

Pack 14 total: 9 points
Total through 14 packs: 122 points


90 - Roy Halladay, Phillies (0 points). Perplexed as to how he is not anyone's favorite player. Where are you Phillies fans?

192 - Carl Pavano, Twins (0 points)
108 - Roy Oswalt, Phillies (0 points)

139 - Tim Howard, U.S. soccer player (0 points)

One of four men's soccer players that I could pick out of a lineup.

AGR-MB Mark Buehrle, White Sox (+10 jersey relic)

Well, that figures. I have pulled more White Sox hits (four) out of A&G than of any other team. And if you're paying attention, both of my hits have been from Chicago teams. I had no intention of going to this year's National (too freakin' far away for a family trip in which only one person cares about the destination), but maybe I should have. I could wave my Marlon Byrd and Mark Buehrle relics around for an inflated price!

245 - Brian McCann, Braves (+2 A&G back mini)

So many Braves. Sooooo many Braves.

HH1 - Buster Posey, Giants (+1 Hometown Heroes insert)

Pack 15 total: 13 points
Total through 15 packs: 135 points


163 - Ian Kennedy, Diamondbacks (0 points)
219 - Johan Santana, Mets (0 points)
284 - Eric Jackson, freestyle kayaking pioneer (0 points)

106 - Jonathan Broxton, Dodgers (+1 favorite team)

OK, Topps, here's the issue. This is just the second Dodger I've pulled out of this box. In past boxes, I would have pulled 6 or 7 Dodgers by now. As you know, I must collect both the Dodger team set and the entire A&G base set. I'm a faithful and addicted customer. So this is my gentle request:

DODGERS!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!

111 - Pablo Sandoval, Giants (0 points)

No, no, no. That is the complete opposite of what I'm asking, you boob.

310 - Matt Kemp, Dodgers (+1 favorite team, +2 short print, +3 total)

Much better.

AP6 - Vaquita (+3 Animal in Peril mini)

There are only about 200 of these things. You've got to go to Mexico to see them.

FF17 - USS Texas (+2 Floating Fortress series)

Suddenly, I feel like playing Battleship.

Pack 16 total: 9 points
Total through 16 packs: 144 points

OK! That was semi-pleasant and semi-unproductive. But I'm still hoping to hit 200 here.

All right, you know what time it is. Time to get out your pencils and correct my math.


  1. Thank you for the link and I hope you start pulling Dodgers soon, although I guess you've already opened all the packs so only the READERS don't know how many Dodgers you pulled.

    I think I like the Floating Fortresses inserts the best.

  2. I hope that Dexter Fowler black border is up for trade. I'm sure I have some Dodger goodies for you lying around.

  3. By the way, I highly approve of Kathy Ireland.

  4. I'd love to trade for that USS Texas! It's now parked about three miles for my home. Lemme go find something Dodger-esque and I'll get back to you.

  5. Raises hand: Umm, Halladay is my favorite player! I was late on the Gint-a-Cuffs thing but I'm in next time for sure.

  6. I'll set aside both the Fowler and the USS Texas for you guys.

  7. If you ever want to move that Lemp Mansion card, I'm sure I can find some Dodgers around here for it.

  8. Um, I think you got my box!

    Can I offer anything to pry the Uggla Hometown Heroes or McCann mini cards from your clutches?

  9. Kemp should earn you more points, since he's my fav player.

  10. So, we're adding points of other people's favorite players on top of favorite team points? Three years into this thing and I'm still confused. I guess that would make it 146 total points.

    McGee Willie and Colbey, I'll put the cards aside for you. Getting to trades is difficult now, but I'll get to it eventually.