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Cards I won't need to buy at the card show

I am on my happy way to a card show today. In fact, I'm probably there right now, hopefully finding something that both my wallet and I like.

I've referenced this card show here and here. It's in a small town along the lake. I enjoy the drive there, and it's one of the more pleasant recurring summer moments that I have.

The choice of cards isn't the greatest because there is a whole lot of other stuff being sold at the same time (I often wonder if when I am elderly whether I will transform into one of the many postcard collectors I see at the show, pulling up a folding metal chair, and leafing through "Having a Great Time" and "Wish You Were Here."). But I am not picky and I always find something.

But there is nothing better than going to a card show and knowing that there are cards that you will not have to buy at the show. The cards have been checked off already, and you can explain to your wallet that "see? I don't need THAT one. I am NOT buying every card at the show. I can skip past cards anytime I want."

Here are some of those recent acquisitions from traders around the country:

This card came from Kelly at Baseball Obsession-itis. I feel a little funny about continuing to collect Manny Ramirez Dodger cards. But come on, it's a blue refractor. It's Finest. It's got a big honkin' Dodger logo in the background. I'd be a moron not to track down this card.

She also sent a couple of other cards -- one for my "Tales From the Game" collection from last year's Topps, and one for another collector.

These cards are from David at Tribe Cards. He happened to land the Dodgers in a group break. I notice things like that. And then I turn on the charm, meaning I beg like gypsy children at an ice cream stand.

These are numbered items from 2006 Ovation, and remind me of how bright the future was for the Dodgers then. All three are still with the Dodgers, but I'm starting to think that two of them won't be around for much longer.

Thanks, Dave! Still got to get your cards out the door.

Allen Webster-Jo!

I need to get a handle on who this guy is, but Lonestarr is helping me get acquainted with these two cards.

I sent him my Bryce Harper Bowman flashback thingy card and he sent the Websters, a couple other Dodgers and these two items:

The Blake is my first numbered Bazooka back A&G mini. I've known that Lonestarr has had this card for over a year, and now it is finally mine.

What are the chances that I would've found any of above cards at the card show today?

Probably not good. They're not vintage and they're not mojo enough for the modern cards that will be there.

So, it's a good thing I've got you guys.

I'll show off what I found today sometime soon.


Spiegel83 said…
Have fun at the card show! Snatch up some Doyers!