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So, Paul Konerko gets hit in the FACE with a pitch?

He STAYS in the game?

And on his next at-bat. He hits a HOME RUN?

And the Dodgers traded this guy???

Fire the owner!!!!!!!!

Yes, I know Frank McCourt didn't have anything to do with that trade. I know it was over 10 years ago.

It's still my final answer.

In fact it's my answer for everything.

You: "These pants are too tight."

Me: Fire McCourt!

You: "Sorry, I broke your favorite mug."

Me: Fire McCourt!

You: "You're fired."

Me: Oh, crap. ... Well, McCourt is fired, too!

In fact, when McCourt is forced to give up the Dodgers -- and I pray that it goes that way -- I'm going to credit Konerko for making it happen.

Nice going, Paulie.

And thanks for speaking your mind, Peter O'Malley.

(More cards from madding soon).


steelehere said…
Every time I see Paul Konerko play, it reminds me of Tommy Lasorda panicking to keep his short-lived Dodgers GM job in 1998 (he was trying to impress the Dodgers owner Fox/Ruppert Murdock since he was just two weeks into his job) and making the quick fix of acquiring Jeff Shaw for Konerko and Dennys Reyes (both of whom are still in the majors).
TheRealDFG said…
Speaking of McCourt, I always attack Nutting for ruining the Pirates because of his spending habits (or lack thereof) and my general disgust with his families dealiings and operation of the team but at least he doesn't take a salary or use them as his own personal bankroll. The more that comes out about McCourt in this trial/divorce or whatever it is, the more I dislike this scumbag.
Bo said…
I love love love Donnie Baseball but does he have any qualifications to manage? I was glad he didn't get the Yankee job.

Looking forward to how he suddenly is a Yankee you never minded even before he got to LA.
Steve Gierman said…
He hit the home run on the first pitch. :-)

I can remember every time that Lasorda would visit the White Sox broadcast booth, he ask, "How my boy Konerko doing?"

The shocking thing isn't that the Dodgers traded him. It's that four months later, the Reds traded Konerko to the White Sox for Mike Cameron, who was still playing in 2010.
night owl said…
Bo ~

I'll save you the trouble of looking and waiting: I have never minded Mattingly ever. He is one of less than 10 Yankees that fall in that category. You may say that I'm just saying that because he's with the Dodgers now. But if I had a blog in 1989, you would've heard the exact same thing.

However, I don't like the choice of manager, especially if Mattingly's last year as hitting coach is an example of what's ahead. I'd rather see Wallach in there.
Bo said…
I was just being facetious - nobody hates Mattingly!