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And then a tornado came and blew everything away ...

I completed my Topps 2010 set yesterday. But I don't feel like writing about it.

OK, if you insist, I'll write it about it a little. The card is the Dan Runzler item featured here. It was sent to me by madding of Cards on Cards. He read that I needed a stinkin' Giant to fill the set, felt understandable compassion, and shipped it off.

So the set is complete. Next, I need to find a binder ... and pages ... and a place ... to put the binder ... I'll stop writing ... with ellipses ... now.

So, why don't I feel like celebrating the completion of a set? Isn't that a monumental moment in a collector's life?

Yep, it is, usually.

I don't know. Just not in the mood, I guess. I got tired of 2010 Topps after awhile (you people who are collecting Topps football, how is that design not putting you in a coma?). I think I'm a little burnt out on set-collecting. Although I do still consider myself a set-collector.

I'm also starting to understand why player collectors do what they do. With player-collecting, you can get a variety of different-looking cards and not get overloaded by the sameness of everything.

That doesn't mean I'm going to go the player-collector route full-time. That's not me. I think team collecting can fill the need for me to have many different-looking cards.

But when I get a package with the last card I need for a set, but which also features a card like this ...

(The TORNADO!!!!!)

... suddenly, set-collecting seems kind of silly.

Ack ...

I think I'm having an existential crisis.

I'll be back when I'm feeling normal. ... and when I've had a little more sleep.

OK, now the ellipses REALLY stop.

(Thanks for the very key cards, madding).


SpastikMooss said…
Wooowwwwwwww. Sweet card.

The Nomo is okay too heh heh heh...
Cardsplitter said…
I got bored with Topps too, halfway through II. But what to do with a half completed set? It feels like a waste, an even bigger waste than it already is.

That Nomo is awesome. It sucks, SUCKS, we have one choice for baseball cards. #&@ Topps and #@*&$ MLB marketing.
GCA said…
Worst part is that in a little while we'll be obligated to assemble the Updates set. (And hopefully won't have to throw away many other cards per pack).
Hackenbush said…
I'm still pretty much boycotting this year's cards. Other than the box of Obaks I just have a small sampling of 206, Ginter, and flagship plus I did buy a blaster of Chicle.
madding said…
I actually got that insane Nomo card in a repack box recently. I think (?) I was being punished for making such a foolish purchase.