Sunday, September 19, 2010

Awesomest night card tourney, round 1, part 1


Don't be freaked out by the big-eyed owl. It's only my night card binder. ... Well, it's my night card binder when I get around to actually personalizing it. Right now, all I've got is a black binder.

But it's a start.

Speaking of starts, this is the beginning of my night card tournament. The goal is to find the Awesomest Night Card out of the first 100 featured here. The one that is voted the Awesomest (I'm having a real difficult time typing "awesomest") will get the first spot in the binder, followed by the runner-up, etc.

As with the Cardboard Appreciation vote-off, I'll show 5 or 6 cards at a time and put up a poll for people to vote. After the first couple of rounds, I'll decide how I'm going to pair them up. But you'll all get to vote on them.

OK, here are the first five candidates. Poll is up on the sidebar. Please take time out from your eight hours of viewing beer commercials -- I mean, "football" -- to cast your vote.

Night card, pt. 1: Britt Burns, 1983 Topps. I began the first post of the first night card featured here by saying: "This is the first in what should be a regular series featuring cards of players photographed at night." I didn't sound too sure of myself did I? It's what make me so lovable.

Night card, pt. 2: Steve Foster, 1992 Donruss. This player may not be the father of American music, but he certainly seems happy to be alive. My theory is it's because he's on a night card.

Night card, pt. 3: NL Championships, 1978 Topps. I featured this night card before I upgraded it. But the fact that this is the original should earn it some votes. That and the fact the Dodgers won this series.

Night card, pt. 4: Endy Chavez, 2007 Upper Deck. One of the best playoff catches ever. A very impressive night card. This is when everyone knew who Endy Chavez was, before he disappeared into the baseball black hole that is Seattle.

Night card, pt. 5: Kirk Gibson, World Series, 1989 Upper Deck. Given how much Upper Deck hated the Dodgers, it sure picked an odd year to start marketing baseball cards. Dodger wonderfulness from the '88 Series is all over this set.

Those are the first five candidates. You've got one week to vote.

The owl is waiting.


  1. I voted for Gibby. The only thing missing from that card is the red brake light in the distance.

  2. I tend to vote against Dodgers and Upper Deck. Even with those biases in mind, the Burns card is the best of this group. I liked those White Sox uniforms and 1983 is a great set.

  3. The NL Championships card gets my vote. Great action shot.

  4. I voted for the Gibby as well. It's a moment you see re-aired every time the World Series rolls around.

  5. Endy's card is nearly perfect if not for the player name riding up his crotch. Other than that, it has my vote.