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TMDSIK: 1965 Topps Embossed

(Happy 4th to all! I hope you're having as nice a time as I am. ... OK, I wouldn't want to wish that on anyone. I hope you're having a NICER time than I am. Even if means reading about The Most Defective Sets I Know).


I am virtually positive that these cards were very cool when they arrived in 1965. They were inserted into packs of '65 Topps and it was something new for collectors.

But there's a reason that they are pretty cheap in comparison to all other cards that hit the market during the mid-1960s.

The card image isn't terribly clear, unless you hold it under a light.

And the deal-breaker, for me, is that a lot of the facial features either don't resemble the player displayed or it's too difficult to tell whether they do or not.

This Ron Fairly COULD look like Ron Fairly. I just can't tell without finding a card of Ron Fairly, holding the two of them together, comparing, and doing a whole lot of squinting. And who has time for that?

We live in a world of instant recognition. We want to know what we see. There is so much else to do.

Topps Embossed asked you to imagine what you see.

Apparently that's not good enough for collectors today.


JediJeff said…
What could beat this crappy of a card? Guess I will have to come back tomorrow and see.
Anonymous said…
I always liked these sets. Don't know why, but they always seemed different and kind of neat.
deal said…
great pick for this series. If these were from 1930 they would still be shunned. I think they used the same stamp for every card in the set.
They brought embossed back in '95 (for the 30th anniversary, I guess?). In it they embossed real pictures, even on the gold parallels. I think they learned their lesson, although I've never seen a '95 Topps Embossed card in good condition. Not ever.
Fuji said…
One of the main reasons I like these are because they're so affordable. I also am a sucker for oddballs and embossed cards.

But you're completely right... it's hard to tell which player you're holding just by looking at the face.