Monday, June 3, 2013

Mmmmmmmmmonday! Mmmmmminnniiiiiiiiiiiissssssss!

It's going to be a long week. Nothing out of the ordinary, just long. But if I stay patient and don't do anything stupid, there will be a paycheck waiting for me at the end. And then I'll be able to actually do monetary things with baseball cards!

This is excellent news for you as well as me. These packages really need to get out of the house.

Also, I need to buy a pack of Archives, so I can rip the set to shreds. Yup, that poor, unsuspecting set is going to absorb all of my pent-up "no new cards" negative energy.

Of course, on the positive end, I'm looking forward to saving some of the cash for acquiring some cards that I actually enjoy. Cards like '75 minnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!

By last count, I had accumulated a mind-blowing 453 cards from the set. A lot of the credit for that number goes to some people who have been able to find one of those secret fountains of '75 minis that spray out those wonderful cards as if they're not the most rare, beautiful gems of the card world.

T.J. of The Junior Junkie has discovered one of the fountains, and gathers up a few minis for me every once in awhile. Thanks to his most recent delivery, I'm now up to 468 cards from the set. Plus he sent a few welcome upgrades.

Maximino switched off-center sides, but the new version is in a lot nicer shape. The old version, which I obtained my very first year of collecting, will go in that glorious binder featuring cards I bought when I was 10 years old.

Ed, meanwhile, looks a lot more youthful than the wrinkly version I've had for these many years. Without the folds, you can really tell that the card features almost every color of the rainbow. Just missing some orange.

I'm not terribly particular about the condition of my '75 minis, but it's nice to iron out some wrinkles.

The rest of the minis were out-and-out needs.

That nine-card grouping features three powder blues, three airbrushed caps and one magnificent mustache. I love the '70s!

These four are special because all four of these cards I owned in 1975 in regular-sized version. There's still a part of my brain that looks at these in mini form and can't comprehend it.

This is probably my favorite card out of the package, just because I held any Mets cards from this set in high regard. It was during that confusing time when I was weighing exactly which team was my favorite. The Mets superseded the Dodgers for only one day. But they were up there in second place for a little while there.

That explains the visceral thrill I received when I saw this card.

The back is interesting because the card that features the checklist is not checked off. According to the checklist I don't have this card that I have!

I have no intention of finding a Mets checklist that is not checked.

I'm never happier than when I receive new '75 minis in the mail. So if you have any that are on my want list, don't worry yourself about condition and send them along.

Unless it looks like this:

I'm still searching for a Hairston that I'm not able to fold into 64ths.


  1. Love me some 75 minis! Especially the Hairston.

    Cards w/ Creases = Cards w/ Character

  2. Glad you like 'em - Going back to the card show this Saturday to rock it out. The deal we usually have going is any 17 commons for five bucks. I usually just pick a random spot in your want list and start from there. Last time I think it was #420 (woo!).

    As long as your list is up to date, there will be plenty more. The condition tends to be excellent. I think he broke up a set because they're all pretty sharp.