Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's all Yasiel Puig's fault

I've been operating in a haze the last three days. Work is hectic and regular life is busy, too. The city's working on the sidewalks a block away and guess what time they like to make their ungodly noise?

Yup, right around 8 a.m. When night owl is cozy in his nest.


Multiply that by a certain Cuban phenom blowing up in Dodgerdom. Normally, I'm used to following the Dodgers from three time zones away. My job helps make that easy. But with Yasiel Puig doing what he's been doing, not only do I have to follow the games, but I have to re-follow them on the highlights, and then I have to calm myself down from the buzz that only a two home run game in a player's second career game can produce.

Next thing I know, someone is holding a jackhammer up to my ear saying, "wakey, wakey!"

I'm so tired.

I was tempted not to post today, but I didn't want to do that. I'm already withholding packages from people until I get the budget under control. I need to show that I still have some value in bloggy world.

So here are some cards sent to me by Spiegel from Nomo's Sushi Platter. None of them are cards of Puig. Which means half of you just stopped paying attention. Hell, I don't blame you. Puig makes everyone's life better.

Except maybe Andre Ethier's.


I thought I'd start with a couple of prospect cards of guys who didn't go anywhere. Might refocus all of you who are spinning around in a circle yelling "Puig! Puig! Puig! Puig! Puig! Puig!"

Both are snazzy cards, one numbered, one gold, but Denker is in independent ball, and Wallach was just released after floating around in high A.

More youngster excitement. What if Gordon really got it together and Dee and Puig were speeding around the bases in the same game? ... OK, the heart rate is going up again.

Puig wears uniform No. 66. Someone with a national presence on Twitter reported that Puig was the first Dodger to wear 66 since Paul Konerko. I knew this was wrong because I remember reliever Mike MacDougal wearing 66 last year. But before I could even comment, about four people had already alerted him. You know how everyone has to be right. Especially on Twitter.

I am so excited about Puig that even Juan Uribe and Scott Elbert's perpetual injury problems don't bother me.

But I need to know if Puig can play third base. This kind of crap has just gone on too long.

Think of great recent Dodger home runs moments. Green's four-home run game. The 4-plus-1 game. Adrian Gonzalez's homer last year. I think Puig can be added to those.

Everyone's a winner, that's the truth.

Spiegel sent me two of what I believe are in-person signed cards. Pretty cool, and my first autograph of '88 Series hero Mickey Hatcher, as well as of Matt Young, who was dealt away just before the '88 season.

I also received several night cards, a handful of Dodger Police cards, a '75 mini and a Panini Golden Age card (I've massively neglected that set). But I'll end it with two cards of one of the Dodgers I Collect, Orel Hershiser.

I haven't received many Hershisers that I don't already have lately, so these brought a smile to my face.

I suppose if Puig continues to do what he's doing, I'll add him to the collect page. But for now, I'll stand on the sidelines, from three time zones away, admiring in a daze what he has done.

Besides, have you seen what his cards are going for?

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  1. Yo! Thanks for the nice post. I am off to see Puig in-person for the second time tonight. I think Puig not only is energizing his teammates but, is pumping up the fans during a dismal year.