Saturday, June 2, 2012

I understand some people wondered what I was doing about 5 hours ago ...

This might give you an idea:


That theory that no-hitters happen only on my days off?

Officially dead.

But at least Johan had the consideration to get it done by 9:30.

(P.S.: Never fear, our newspaper does print in color. Stupid work printer is black & white).


  1. That no-hitter is pretty tainted. Only the Mets would have their first no-hitter be a one-hitter.

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  3. Baseball is a fast moving game, the ump missed the call; happens all the time. The Cardinals had 4 more innings to get a hit. And it is certainly not the only no hitter with a umpire blown call (How far outside was that last pitch by Larson in '56?) The only really "tainted" no hitter is the Armando Galarraga one where Joyce just outright blew the call on the last play. Plus, the umps aren't the only ones who blow Kerry Wood's 20 strikeout game, the only hit was a booted grounder to third that very easily could have been called an error. How many one hitters are no hitters and vice versa because of official scorer's calls? So calling Santana's no hitter tainted is either dumb or sour grapes.


  4. p.s. Good headline choice, Greg.

  5. It may be sour grapes (I'm a Yankee and Cardinal fan, true) but why exactly am I dumb? Especially if you are calling Galarraga's no hitter tainted - it's the exact same thing, badly blown call that could easily be overturned if MLB got into the 21st century and got instant replay. Very different from a judgement call like balls/strikes or scorer's calls.

  6. The Galarraga thing is a little different, as it was an egregiously missed call and it was the last out of a perfect game. The Beltran hit happened in the sixth inning. They had plenty of more time to get a hit, in fact, since it was called foul, Beltran himself had another chance to get a hit. Santana had 3 more innings to give up a hit. It is not tainted as much as it is just an example of the human element in the game. There is a huge difference. I stand by my statement; not being able to tell the difference in Santana's no hitter and Galarraga's one hitter shows either lack of intelligent insight into how sports and human beings work or a lack of neutrality (dumb or sour grapes). And in the end, all the replay in the world doesn't change Santana's no hitter, Galaragga's one hitter, Wood's 20 K game or Larson's perfect game. They are what they are.

  7. Still calling me an idiot? Typical lack of civility from a Met fan lol. The point is that Beltran had a hit that the umpire unfairly took away, not that the Cardinals had more chances to get a hit. Just as egregious a missed call as Galarraga's. I wasn't claiming that the umpire robbed the Cardinals of a win, just of a hit. And my "intelligent insight" is that the human element in the game should refer to the players, not the umpires or other outside influences.