Saturday, June 30, 2012

Embarrassed? Every day, man. Every day

If I made a concerted effort to focus on it, I'm pretty sure I could come up with an embarrassing moment for every day of my life.

Fortunately, I am not a teenager anymore, so whether I am embarrassed is not something that I obsess over or will be the ruin of me. But it's true, embarrassing things still do happen. A lot.

Fuji's latest question asked me to share with everyone an embarrassing sports memorabilia story from my past.

Well, I'm afraid I can't do that.

Because I'm going to share an embarrassing sports memorabilia story from my present. As in "today."

I'm telling ya, every day, man. Ev-er-y-day.

You see the Rafael Furcal Icons jersey card scanned here? See the big ol' wrinkle in the middle?

That arrived in the mail today. I bid on that card. I won that card. I was proud that I won that card. I was proud that I won it and that it was free. I was the man. A relic card? Of a player on my favorite team? For free? Greatness. I didn't care that it was of someone who now plays for the Cardinals.

The card arrived perfectly protected, so I'm assuming that it wasn't damaged in transport.

The photo of the card that was shown online does not show any evidence of a crease.

But it's one of those deals where you don't notice the crease right away even if you're holding the card in your hand. It takes a few tilts in the light for the crease to show itself. Or you can just scan the card and there's no mistaking it: THAT'S A CREASE!

Now, the card was free, so I'm trying not to complain too loudly. I'm not going to demand my credits back or leave negative feedback (I already left positive feedback before I discovered the damage). I don't hold anyone responsible except for myself. I'm a buyer. I need to beware.

Yes, I was a little embarrassed when I discovered the crease.

"What a fool I am to believe I could get something that nice for free," I believe was my thought from a couple hours ago.

I still enjoy the card. It'll still go with the rest of my Dodger relics. It's not the only relic I have with a crease in it, that's for sure.

But yeah, I'll be a little embarrassed about it for the next several hours.

Until tomorrow.

When something else embarrassing happens.


  1. I almost bid on that to use for trade bait. I guess I'm glad I didn't.

  2. I almost bid on that too! Small world.37

  3. I never saw that card until now so I didn't even try to bid on it.

  4. Damn... not I'm starting to think about all of the times I've purchased or traded for damaged cards.

    On a positive note... I have a fairly impressive damaged card pc.

  5. Damaged or not...that scan of Furcal looks like he just tossed a baseball out of the card. That's pretty cool.

    But not the crease...that sucks.