Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Days like these were meant for one-card packages like these

Right now, I am probably sitting in a gymnasium or auditorium watching my daughter's eighth grade graduation devolve into a validation session for any student who has ever sat the bench in any sport.

The amount of certificates that they give out at these things is staggering, and borderline obscene (I sat the bench plenty when I was this age and I knew that I didn't deserve a certificate, and probably would've been disgusted if I got one).

Considering that I am skipping a huge chunk of work to go to this -- and will have to make up for it later tonight -- it makes for a frustrating, and very long, take on what could have been a pleasant evening.

In other words, I ain't got no time.

That means I will be featuring a pair of one-card packages received recently. They fit nicely into days like this.

This card is from Tom, who said some very nice things about my blog. It's the first Topps Archives Dodger that I received (I've since received a smattering of others).

As I mentioned in the last post, I am disturbingly emotionless about these cards. It's not quite like somebody lifted a puppy to my face and I punched it, but it feels vaguely like that. There's something about these cards that I should like, that were made with a collector like me in mind, and yet there's something about these cards that make me not like them.

Mostly I think it's just that I like old cards better.

Here's one:

Not really a card. A sticker. A Fleer Star Sticker. One of the first sticker sets I ever saw.

This arrived from Fuji.

I never realized the '81 Fleer Star Sticker set was so large. One hundred thirty-two cards? Eight Dodgers? I spent about three decades thinking that there were only two Dodgers in the set.

So with the addition of Russell here, I'm down to needing Burt Hooton and Davey Lopes. Expect them on a Nebulous 9 list in the near future.

And there you go.

Those are the two one-card packages.

Guess which card I like better?

That's right, it's the sticker from 30 years ago.

Because I've gotten all grandpa on you.

Gotta run.

There's more applauding to do.

I'm hoping there's an award for best clapper.

Grandpa needs something to put on his wall.


  1. Don't forget to put an onion on your belt.

  2. You made me think of the scene in the Incredibles where she chides him for missing the boy's graduation. "we keep finding new ways to celebrate mediocrity!"

    I just attended high school graduation for kid #4, with 2 more to go... I have honestly had enough even of those! I'm becoming jaded.
    The only good part is that now they hold them in Reliant Stadium which is indoors and in airconditioned splendor, but they do not have the courtesy to open the beer garden...

  3. Don't worry, I imagine a large number of us kill a big chunk of work time reading what you write, so it kinda evens out...?

  4. Glad the card arrived safely. I'll try to hook you up with the remaining seven if I have extras.