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Awesome night card, pt. 146

Yes, here's another reminder of one of the lowest moments in Dodgerdom.

But everyone just needs to tough it out. The Dodgers just got shut out three straight games by the Giants. Do they deserve anything better from me?


I told you this stretch of the schedule was going to kill them.

Anyway, this card came from Bo of Baseball Cards Come to Life! He sent a bunch of night cards, which you will be seeing here and there. And he sent some Dodger needs, too, which you'll see in another post.

This card, of one of Reggie's three home runs in Game 6 of the 1977 World Series, features a famous image from that game. It's a classic shot from a classic set, 2007 Masterpieces.

However, it's not the 2007 Masterpieces that I know.

The Masterpieces cards that I know have the canvas feel that made them famous. You know. Paintings (or faux paintings) on canvas. Right?

This card is glossy.

Glossy Masterpieces?

I wasn't part of the blog constituency in 2007. Were these glossy Masterpieces cards common knowledge? How were they packaged? Was it part of a box set? Did they come in packs?

And why would anyone want Masterpieces Glossy after seeing Masterpieces on Canvas?

I know. I know. Every modern card must be glossy. And feature foil.

It's a disease.

I'm sure I could find out the answer to this with a couple minutes of research. But this is my last act on a computer for the night and I'm not prolonging it looking up things that shouldn't be. Especially if means adding cards to my want list.

Besides, I need my sleep. I have to prepare for the sweep by the Mets coming up this weekend.


Offy asked this back in 2009 and you actually commented on the post.

Shot not Taken had this post in May of 2009.

I've never seen one of those glossy Masterpieces in person.
Kbrewster/90 said…
At first I thought that was Chambliss and the Royals catcher. Thanks for the pain.

When the Royals started in 1969, they looked around and decided they wanted to be like the Dodgers, which they considered a classy and successful organization. They even copied their uniforms. When they did this they set their fate. When they started winning, they promptly lost 3 straight playoff series to the Yankees. Just like the Dodgers showed them how to do! ; )
Bo said…
I didn't know what they were either - now I know!
Jordan said…
I remember pulling a glossy Reggie out of an Upper Deck Mixed Products pack I foolishly bought at the Stadium back in 2007. There was a similarly glossy A-Rod Masterpiece in that pack as well. I'm guessing UD made them for the team mix packs they'd sell at the big stadiums.