Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Dre's day

This "card" finally got me off my perfectly reasonably-sized ass so I could add Andre Ethier to my "Dodgers I Collect" page.

It is "card" No. 107 in my Ethier collection. It's not a big number, but then I'm not exactly a player collector either, so it works for me.

Jonathan of NatsTown sent me this "card." He knew I'd love it, and I do, even though I keep using "card" in quotation marks.

This is one of those patch thingies. You know how I felt about them. I still feel that way about them. They puzzle me, and I cannot figure out why collectors place a value on them like they were made out of gold. It's stitching. It doesn't even come from anything once worn by anyone. To me it's a like a card that came from a craft fair, and, well, I'll just say that a craft fair is good way to figure out what I sound like when I scream in terror.

But enough of my regurgitation.

This "card" works much better than some of the others because the patch is actually connected to the team for which Ethier plays. It also recalls the greatest moment in Dodger history, albeit Brooklyn, not Los Angeles.

I like this manu-patch better than any other manu-patch card I have. It doesn't even make me think of horrible, unerasable days spent in Jo-Ann Fabrics.

A couple other cards sent by Jonathan:

A Card Your Mom Threw Out of the Dodgers' best PR man ever.

And a Fans of the Game card of Pretty Boy Cain. I didn't even watch his shows when he starred with Teri Hatcher.

That brings me back to Pretty Boy Ethier. As you know, the ladies love him. I don't love him. But I do like his attitude and his approach to the game and his ability. I try not to pick jerks to collect, and he doesn't appear to be a jerk. Plus he likes the food I like. He used to have a blog about all the food he saw or made or something. It all looked great.

Do I feel odd collecting a player that makes women giddy? A little. But I can get over that. That's why a list of all the Ethier cards I have is here, and why I'm looking to add more.

Dre, enjoy your first day on the Dodgers I Collect page. You deserve it.

Now, don't do anything to disappoint me. If I ever hear that you set foot in a Yarn Barn, you're out of there.


  1. Actually, that makes less sense to me than any of the other manupatch cards. What does Ethier have to do with the '55 Dodgers? At least the ones I have commemorate some sort of game the player played in.

  2. I've got a Roy Campanella one with a Reds logo that irks me every time I look at it. At least everything about this card says "Dodgers."

  3. You know what would make us all feel better? If Topps hadn't ever foisted those abominations on us collectors in the first place.