Monday, December 20, 2010

Awesomest night card, round 1, part 14

We have arrived at the second-to-last portion of the first round of the Awesomest Night Card Tournament. Next week, while ungrateful bastards are returning carefully thought-out gifts purchased by loved ones, I will post the final part to the first round.

Then it is finally on to round two, which will go a lot quicker, I promise. I expect to have the champion of all the night cards, and the first entrant in my brand new night card binder, declared next month.

And you thought there was nothing exciting going on in January.

But, first, I must reveal the winner of part 13. It's the Ozzie Smith Upper Deck 1970s card. Honestly, it's a terrible photo. But apparently a brown-and-yellow Padres uniform conquers all. After a big battle with the 1990 Upper Deck Wade Boggs card, Ozzie pulled away late for the easy victory.

Here is the poll tally:

1. 2001 Upper Deck Decade 1970s Ozzie Smith: 18 votes
2. 1990 Upper Deck Wade Boggs: 11 votes
3. 2009 Upper Deck OPC black border Dustin Pedroia: 5 votes
4. 1997 Fleer Million Dollar Moments Chipper Jones: 5 votes
5. 1991 Upper Deck Dante Bichette: 4 votes
6. 1981 Fleer Bob Mattick: 4 votes
7. 1988 Topps Big Mike Schmidt: 3 votes
8. 2005 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion Kris Benson: 1 votes
9. 2009 Topps U&H All-Star Evan Longoria: 0 votes
10. 2003 Bowman Garret Anderson: 0 votes

So, Ozzie back-flips his way into the second round.

Ready for part 14?

Sure you are. This is what we have:

1. 1987 Topps Royals Leaders: George Brett and Frank White on probably the most overproduced Topps set ever -- if the amount of '87s I get in repacks is any indication.

2. 2010 Game Day Old School Andre Ethier: A night card created by Crackin' Wax. Seriously, it is the best homemade card I have ever seen. Looks and feels just like a mass-produced card. A vote against this card is a vote against card bloggers everywhere. Not that I'm trying to sway the voting or anything.

3. 1978 Topps Rich Chiles: A card that another blogger had a hand in determining whether it was a night card. It is in fact a night card, and it is one of the older night cards that I own of an individual player.

4. 2006 Topps U&H All-Stars Roy Halladay: Sorry, Roy. I like you and all, but I'm rooting against your team this year.

5. 2004 Upper Deck Timeless Teams Memorable Moments Kirk Gibson: The second night card featured here to commemorate Gibby's World Series homer. Always a good thing.

6. 2010 Topps Manny Ramirez: Is he signing with the Blue Jays? What's the deal with Manny?

7. 1981 Fleer Rick Miller: I would like to see one of these '81 Fleer cards finally advance to the second round. Even clueless-looking Rick, here, deserves that.

8. 2010 Upper Deck Casey Blake: He needs a big year.

9. 2008 Topps Omar Infante: He may not have been the reason why the National League won the All-Star Game last season, but he didn't prevent them from winning, so this card is cool with me.

10. 2007 Topps Matt Thornton: Out of everyone not named "Ortiz," this was the goat of last year's All-Star Game, for giving up the winning double to Brian McCann. So glad the goat wasn't anyone named "Broxton."

Those are your pre-Christmas night card poll candidates. Take some moments in between last-minute shopping (yes, I'll be right there with you) to vote in the poll at right. And while you're at it, vote in the other polls, too.

If you come down with a poll-related ailment, you can blame me.


  1. Damn, this was a tough one for me. I want to vote for Gibby in the worst way, but I'm not. I'm going with Manny. He looks like he just cranked one out. I like how his dreads are flowing and how the red 99 really sticks out. It's a great shot of Manny.

  2. hard choice between the 78 topps and the 81 fleer --- I ended up going with the 78 topps

  3. Gonna list that 81 Grimsley that I posted about - the bleakness of a Cleveland night is Kafkaesque

  4. Personally I think that this is the weakest round yet. None of these have any chance of making it out of round 2. I like vintage so I'm predicting the 78 card advances cause it is almost vintage.

  5. Oh, cool! Thanks for including my custom in there! You really should keep this to "real" cards, tho. But, if you want a card to represent the custom crowd, why not go with the Ethier?

    ...even tho it's weak and has no chance of going beyond round 2. ;)

  6. I voted, but I'm not saying who it was. I am ashamed.