Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Define the design: 58T, 96T, 96U, 88, 89 and 90S

Over the course of the last week or two, I have informally "named" a few more sets. After much reflection (i.e. none), I decided to go ahead and formally name those sets in the "Define the Design" page of the blog. You can see the new names along with all the other set names selected so far, on the aforementioned page.

But I better go through the details here, just in case anyone accuses me of trying to sneak in undeserving names on this very, very serious subject.

The 1958 Topps set is being called "the scrapbook set." As mentioned before, it really looks like the old scrapbooks in which people pasted images and letters onto colored construction paper. I can practically see the dried glue stains.

The 1996 Topps set is now called "the cyborg set," thanks to the squished head image that is on almost every player's card in the set. It reminds me of John Connor shape-shifting his way through the Terminator movies. A very strange choice by Topps, by the way.

Topps' main counterpart in 1996, Upper Deck also is getting its 96 set named. It is now the "upside-down Duracell set." This is a play on Duracell's slogan as "the copper-top battery." Upper Deck used copper-colored bottoms on its cards in '96. Thus, it was the "copper-bottom set" or a Duracell battery upside-down. Yes, I know it's convoluted. If you don't like it, come up with something better.

Or better yet, name some Score sets for me.

While adding the above design names to the Define the Design page, I realize I haven't tackled anything from Score yet. So how about Score's first three sets?

1988 Score was the first for the company. It featured six different colored borders and some fair photography for its time. I think any name related to the borders would work for this, since that is what stands out the most.

1989 Score should be called "the baseball diamond set," for obvious reasons. But I'm open to other, better suggestions.

This is where it gets tough. 1990 Score basically copied its 1988 design, using different colored borders again (and throwing in white borders for the first-rounders). So perhaps a spin-off of the '88 name would work. Something along the lines of "1988 Score's no-good, illegitimate brother."

Any suggestions are welcome.

Perhaps I'll send a few cards the way of the person or persons who comes up with the winning name for some or all of the Score sets.


  1. Ah, here we go:

    88 - Three Stars
    89 - Taste The Rainbow (that's what I think of, not a diamond)
    90 - Slanted, Yet Not Enchanted

  2. I like the 88 Score design, and see nothing in common with the horrible '90 set.

    Without looking at the whole '88 set, I think I remember there are five different colored series? Red, Orange, Blue, Purple, and Green right? Reminds me of candy flavors. Hence, the (Five) Flavor set.

    The diamond in the '89s reminds me more of a hand fan like in japanese art or a windsheild wiper. The Windsheild Wiper set.

    90 Score's otherwise unremarkable design highlights the initials of the player's name in a different color. The First Initial Set.

    Verification word = trasha

  3. '88 (Inexplicable) Three Stars Set
    '89 Baseball Diamond Set
    '90 Logo Coin Set

  4. With a variety of border colors, the '88 set should be called the Lifesavers set.

    I'm not even going to waste time naming the others.