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You have my attention

I've been around the blog world for awhile now, and I'm pretty well-known, as much as a faceless somebody with a pseudonym can be known anyway.

But I don't feel anymore important or "special" than I did when I first started writing this. Sure, I own more cards than I did back then, but I still collect the same. Nobody needs to impress me with over-the top folding book cards, or shadow-box patches, or acetate rainbow parallels only found in a pineapple under the sea. Just a single base card from off my want list will do. I'm happy with that.

The other day I received a package from fellow supertrader Brett. I've never dealt with him before, so you know how that goes. You have no frame of reference so you don't know what you're going to get. But, really, unless it's a stack of '91 Donruss in the envelope, there are no worries.

Yet, Brett, apparently, wanted to make sure.

That's a mess of autographed Dodgers from the '70s, plus a special card of '50s star Carl Erskine.

Brett, you have my attention.

I own a few certified autographs of Hooton and Russell, but it's nice to get the in-person kind, too (at least I think it's in-person, maybe it's TTM). When I was briefly doing the TTM thing I was lucky enough to receive an autographed card from Erskine, but this special card is different than the one Erskine sent me.

As far as Downing and Osteen? Those are the first ones in my collection. Always great to add new Dodgers to the autograph binder.

Brett sent some cards that were the whole other end of the spectrum, too. Lowly minor leaguers on Heritage stock. None of these guys are doing much for the Dodgers these days. Reed and Erickson have moved on to different teams. Stripling and Gould are treading water in Double A. But at least I have that fun Chattanooga Lookouts logo in my collection.

This is the foil parallel Heritage Yasiel Puig. I am rooting for a quick and painful death with these things. They've already hung around two years too long.

Finally, a plain, ordinary base card. From my want list! All right, Brett! You get me!

It's always nice to add another trading partner. I guess that's what the Supertraders is all about.


That's my buddy Brett being Brett! #supertraders
Very nice package, great autos, and that gold Puig cup card is cool too.
Tony Burbs said…
The Lookouts definitely have one of my favorite logos in sports; that was definitely an impressive haul.
Tony L. said…
Gotta love the IP or TTM autographs!
musicfan87 said…
So you're saying you don't want another stack of 91 Donruss and Upper Deck, after all the time I took setting them aside for you? :)
Fuji said…
Great stuff (especially the TTM/IP autos). Brett is one of the most generous collectors south of JBF.