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Getting the head tilt

My dog looks somewhat similar to this one (he's a beagle/Basset mix, more beagle than Basset). And this is the precious head tilt that he gives me sometimes when I'm talking.

Dog experts say that the animal tilts his head to pick up on sounds or inflections from their owner that indicate something enjoyable is about to happen (we get a lot of head tilts when a walk is imminent). They also say it could have something to do with how dogs' ears pick up sound or perhaps to get a better view because their snout is in the way.

From my very human perspective I interpret the dog head tilt as a sign that the dog is confused about what is in front of him and perhaps studying it from a different angle might help.

That's why I sometimes tilt my head when I see certain cards.

(*tilts head*)

I've seen these before. It's actually an advertisement for Topps' upcoming baseball Wacky Packages, in which each sticker is related to a specific team. I suppose this means I have to put the ad in the Dodger binder and then when the actual sticker comes out I have to put that one in, too? (I probably will just stick to the sticker).

But the head tilt comes from my familiarity with the original Wacky Packages, which parodied well-known consumer products. These stickers don't really parody a consumer product. They riff off a MLB baseball team, using something well-known about the team's city to form an idea. It's kind of a stretch. The product doesn't really exist, and it's not really poking fun at the team. It's not really poking fun at anything. They're not that wacky. Rather bland, actually. I suppose this is what happens when you possess MLB's sole license.

(*head back to normal*)

Anyway, I received this advercard (yes, I just made that up) from Tony of Wrigley Roster Jenga. I believe this is my first transaction with Tony. He had a few 2016 Dodgers that I needed and that's what sparked the deal (I'm still plodding through compiling my end of the trade).

Those are the 2016 Dodgers (well, Koufax is a little past his prime). Don't you wish you had your own copy of the OFFICIAL Corey Seager rookie card?

I also wanted the Don Cherry First Pitch card. You don't live this close to Canada and not know who Don Cherry is. That is a rather subdued jacket-and-tie combo for him.

Tony also sent along this Superstar Celebrations Matt Kemp card. It was only after receiving this card that I realized that Kemp has appeared on three different years of Superstar Celebrations.

The man likes to celebrate. Shame that he's with San Diego.

A bunch of Line Drive Dukes. So many cards in this team set. Tony was good enough to knock off five.

I know I have a '90s card when it shows a Dodger pitcher that frustrated me with his play.

And finally, a Nomo card I didn't have! It's always a good day when I show one of these. This is from '98 Pinnacle Inside. Rescued at some point from a can. How on earth did anybody think that was an idea worth promoting?

I suppose that was worth a head tilt in the late '90s.

Thanks, bud.

And, thanks, Tony for the cards. I'll be gathering some items together for you tomorrow. Meanwhile, folks like Johnny's Trading Spot, I Love The Smell Of Cardboard In The Morning, Baseball Card Breakdown and the soon-to-be-revived garveyceyrusselllopes?????? can expect cards mailed out before the weekend.

I hope whatever I send doesn't make your head tilt.

Unless that's what you want.


P-town Tom said…
gcrl might be coming back to the blog world? That deserves a head tilt for sure.
I'm curious to see how this MLB Wacky Packages set turns out.
acrackedbat said…
I think Wacky MLB cards will appeal to pre-teen collectors. This means I'll likely purchase and bust a box.
Tony Burbs said…
I'll have to buy a pack of the Wacky Packages just too see; however, the previews, as you noted, aren't very promising. I'm glad all those cards were, in fact, needs!
gcrl said…
i'm sending a pwe your way in the next day or two.

and yes, i wish i had my very own corey seager 2016 topps card!
CaptKirk42 said…
I"m not impressed by the bland MLB packages stickers either. I will try to get them adding them to my set build goals. Always building very rarely completing *big heavy sigh*.

Re: Don Cherry best known for being a long time coach for the Boston Bruins NHL team. I get the feeling that he was Hockey's version of Billy Martin. That card looks surreal it makes it look like his head is semi-transparent sort of like a 1970s Peter Max painting.
Mike Matson said…
I need to get the Cherry card. I'd probably throw that in the Jays binder..
I think I'd want to get that one Superstar Celebrations if only because I love cards with throwback uniforms on them
I can't wait to get my hands on the 2016 Wacky's. That will probably be the only 2016 product I open. I still have my Wacky's, even ONE going back to 1967, that's right I said 1967. They weren't stickers then, more of a die cut. or punch out. I have most of the original stickers too, and about half of the ANS stuff (they got crazy with parallels and variations too!).

AnywaYS, (GOT SIDE TRACKED). I bet your head tilts when you get what I mailed today. I'm sorry, so sorry. (nah, have fun with it).
GCA said…
I thought the same thing....aren't these supposed to be funny? At least a little bit? These seem like they have been watered down by some politically correct corporate committee who was trying not to offend anyone and still keep some miniscule level of cleverness. Which they failed to do...
Big Tone said…
My head tilts like that every time Terry Collins calls for a pitching change.
Anonymous said…
"Line Drive Dukes" sounds like a baseball-themed sequel to The Dukes Of Hazzard. I can just picture manager Roscoe P. Coltrane calling to the bullpen, and here comes them Duke boys jumping on to the field in the General Lee bullpen cart...

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