Sunday, February 28, 2016

I have nothing to say

The bad part about writing an almost daily blog is that sometimes you beat a topic to death so relentlessly that not even the scavenger owl that I am can retrieve anything from its lifeless carcass.

I believe I've done that for 2016 Topps, and for 2015 Topps as well.

So when two people -- Steve of The Card Chop and Julie of A Cracked Bat -- each send cards that are overwhelmingly packed with the latest from the last two years, there's just no more words. All that's left are semi-pretty pictures (or in the case of 2016 Topps, downright homely pictures).

I'll make this quick.

Cards from The Card Chop: The McCutcheon Perspectives card is fantastic. I don't understand the complaints about the lettering. If it looks like a cheap mid-1990s graphic, just pretend it's retro. ... The Kershaw, on the other hand -- bleeeaah. I don't need to see my superstars in action that close. And the gold netting is just not getting the parallels done. ... Meanwhile, this is my fourth parallel of last year's Jim Johnson card. So I am officially the premier Jim Johnson supercollector, which I probably should be because he's from my hometown.

Cards from A Cracked Bat: As you can see, Julie unloaded a whole bunch of update into my grateful hands. I was happy to see only one gross All-Star cap in the whole bunch. Also, I dare Topps to start using Ichiro's last name. It's not like they haven't already experienced not being able to print his card.

Plus, Julie threw in this black parallel Dusty Baker from Stadium Club.

Annnnnnnnnnd ...


That's right. I'm down to one-word exclamations.

I guess I did have a few things to say. But I better find some more words. Because I still need 15 cards from 2015 Topps Series 2, 16 cards from 2015 Topps Update, and a several of the many Dodgers in 2016 Topps.

I'm gonna need a ghostwriter.


  1. glad to help with set needs!!! Puig and Baker were the only redeeming cards in the package. ;)

  2. I like that Ryan Braun.He's sort of slipped into the shadows.I think he's gonna turn It on this year.

  3. And to think I haven't even started to build either set yet, but will eventually.

  4. As a person who loves to leave comments as much as possible... I surprisingly have nothing to say.