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Don't tell me no lies

Getting sick of seeing Bricey?

I have no time for this today, which of course is the day they put out 2016 Topps in my distant outpost.

But I always make time for my hobby, which is why you see this 12-card pack before you.

I've been making daily trips to Target and Walmart since the week began in search of the first new cards of the season. Each time there was nothing to be found. Come on, people, you're supposed to add new card stock on my days off! How many times do I need to tell you?

Then, this afternoon, I get to Target as a woman is stocking the card shelves. There's a bunch of merchandise scattered all over the floor. Funkos or something very non-card-like that doesn't belong in the same aisle. A customer was talking to her, an older man with a young girl who may have been his granddaughter. I only caught the end of the conversation, but he said:

"So you don't know what is in those boxes in the back?"

The woman shrugged, trying to get rid of him, and said, "No, no, I don't."

"Bullshit," I thought. "I know what's in those boxes in the back."

And I left, vowing to come back again.

Five hours later, I was back at Target. This is what I saw on the card shelves.

Not only that, but there were also hanger packs of 2016 Topps overflowing off their hangers. And hanger boxes lined up ready to go. And 2016 blasters stacked back-to-back. And fat jumbo packs. Every configuration possible.

That's what was in the back.

I grabbed a small sampling and out I ran -- after paying, of course.

I'll provide a post in excruciating detail tomorrow when I have more time. But for now, here is the 12-card loose pack:

#127 - Zach Lee, Dodgers


I don't think this has happened since I pulled an Ellie Rodriguez card out of a rack pack in 1977. You of course realize this means the Dodgers will win the World Series.

#223 - Christian Yelich, Marlins

#291 - Asdrubal Cabrera, Rays

#187 - AL Wins Leaders

This card is so wrong. Astros should be leading the NL in wins.

#80 - Carson Smith, Mariners

Wow. Marlins, Rays and Mariners. I couldn't trade these cards if I wanted to.

#PIS-1 - Mitch Moreland, Pressed Into Service insert set

I like this insert set, which features position players who were asked by their teams to pitch. Would've been nice to get Moreland pitching in the photo.

#106 - Jordan Walden, Cardinals

#218 - Andrew Miller, Yankees

#228 - Matt Garza, Brewers

#54 - Jung Ho Kang, Pirates

#10 - Nelson Cruz, Mariners

#189 - Jake McGee, Mariners

Couldn't read that scoreboard in the background if I tried.

That's the pack. It kind of faded out after the Dodger.

I'll reserve more detailed comment on the cards for tomorrow. I'm sure I have lots to say and I bought a few more cards to say it with.

But if you want a sneak peak on tomorrow, here it is:

I don't like them.


acrackedbat said…
ditto. I don't like them. Not sure why Topps is attempting to be all flashy, showy with the flagship brand. It frightens me to think of what they may do to Stadium Club. 2016 Topps is blurry; close-up shots are too close and grainy. Berger's Best is yet another excuse to use the same cards fronts AGAIN with a new backing. I won't even mention the collation, except I did. A jumbo box - and I pull the same inserts 3 times for three players??? Thanks for letting me vent.
Tony L. said…
These photos are like taking a photoshop program, turning up the sharpness as high as it will go, saving the photo, and then reopening it and doing it all again. I miss card photos that are photos instead of science projects.
steelehere said…
The design may be different but the photoshop effect 2016 Topps reminds me of what 1998 Topps Finest did with their images and particular with their refractor images.
JediJeff said…
With the over blurring of the background, it's like Topps is trying to make this series like Gallery or some pseudo painted card.
Zippy Zappy said…
Zach Lee man, the way he dropped in prospect rankings is a good indicator of how much better the Dodgers have gotten at developing talent in recent year. Not saying he'll be nothing though. But the way the Dodgers acquired players with even higher ceilings after him is impressive.

If you're moving the Miller, I'd like a shot at it. If not/if you're going after the 2016 Topps set I understand though.
Mark Kaz said…
An uninspiring pack to say the least. Bummer. At least you got a Dodger...
Thanks Night Owl, I've seen enough but I will read your post tomorrow.
night owl said…
Definitely not attempting to complete the set, so Miller is yours.
Paul Hadsall said…
I would have loved that "Pressed into Service" insert set... if they actually got photos of everybody pitching!

The base cards are just kind of there... I don't hate them, but I wish they didn't let their graphic arts department play with the photos so much.

I bought my one 12-card pack on Tuesday & will buy a Mets team set on eBay. I will probably end up with a Johan Santana No-Hitter Pin card for my collection (the prices seem like they'd fall within my budget for a fancy insert card) and that's about it...

(Of course, I actually *liked* the 2015 cards and I didn't buy that much more last year.)
Rob said…
It's like two different styles happening at once - the pseudo-painted look and the techno team display...and as mentioned above, the photo's don't look like photo's. Boo.
2016 makes it easy to not spend money on cards. Going back to my 1976 SSPC posts....
Stubby said…
Haven't seen anybody else mention it, so I'll throw out one of my biggest issues with the 2016s. What the hell happened to the numbers on the back? Last year we had those beautiful, big, easy to read numbers on the back. Sorting was a pleasure. This year, it looked like they printed them in invisible ink...or their printer was running out of ink...or...something. I'm old, my eyes aren't great, those dang lightbulbs they make you buy these days (which pile up when they wear out because there's no place to dispose of them without permanently poisoning the ground water) don't put out much light to begin with. So I had to rig up a bright light immediately over the cards when I opened them and I STILL mis-sorted a bunch. Those bastards! They killed Kenny!
BobWalkthePlank said…
That was the weird thing for me to. Why not just a photo of the guy pitching.....
Commishbob said…
1)The more I see the 2016s the more I think 'Meh'.

2)If I ever had another kid I'd name him Asdrubal.
Tony L. said…
By the way, thanks to this post, I've had Lynyrd Skynyrd stuck in my head for the past 18 hours.
GCA said…
This is going to be known as something like the "building is on fire" or "idling car" set, because each player is pitching, hitting or running through stupid smoke...and it's not even for a signature.

You guys are spot on on the PIntoS inserts. Wouldn't that be the first thought when creating these?

Not much for the Walk-offs either. At least the one I got (LGonz) was really hard to read on both sides.
Adam said…
I'm with CommishBob on this, the more I see the 2016's, the more I'm indifferent to them. Sure, I'll buy a few packs just to have some of it in the collection but I think it'll soon wear out its welcome. I think most of my pack buying will go towards Heritage and probably some Gypsy Queen this year.
Fuji said…
I still haven't figured out if I like these or not. Definitely don't love it. But it's not the worst design either. Guess I need to go out there and find me a pack or two.
If anyone pulls a Brett Berger insert you'd be willing to trade let me know.
Sascards67 said…
I was going to do my own post but....

Where do I begin?

Why even have the team logos on the front if you are going to make them impossible to see the whole logo?

Could you have zoomed out slightly to not cut off players' hands, elbows, etc...

Why are the logo and name bars not all on the same side?

Didn't Upper Deck do the fade to white in the corners with one of their football sets about 7 or 8 years ago?

Why do the Walk Off Wins inserts look like mid to late 1990's Fleer base?

Why is there a Back to Back insert card of players that did not actually hit back-to-back homeruns (Pederson/Gonzalez)?

Why not have a statement on the back of the checklists pertaining to the picture on the front that has a random headline.

(pulling my hair out and realizing I could of gotten a decent meal instead of spending $20 on cards today)

carlsonjok said…
So, if the first card out of the first pack is a Dodger, they will win the World Series? I hate to be a killjoy, but the Dodgers didn't win the World Series in 1977.

Oh, what am I saying? I'm a Yankees fan. I love being a killjoy!
night owl said…
There's that Yankee fan charm that I've enjoyed all these years.
I've been living vicariously to see new cards through this and other blogs. I've been building '70s sets for the last few years and have no desire to collect new cards. I do have appreciation for the legacy of Topps. They were a big part of my life for most of my life. I'm looking at the pictures of 2016 Topps and I am feeling sad and angry. These cards suck. Cloudy effects, waist up torso shots on eveyone. BOO!!! Flagship/base should be Flagship/base. Give us something classic and collectible. The laziness sucks. I wish they would have saved the nonsense for the million nonsense products Topps puts out every year.

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