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Awesome night card, pt. 206

Evening greetings. It's snowy owl here presenting you with another snow ... er, night card.

Snow happens to be on my mind. Really, it's on everyone's mind who lives around here. It. Will. Not. Stop. That storm that passed through the east coast a few days ago? Dumped quite a bit of snow, right? Then it was gone. And you cleaned up. And waited for the next one.

Not here. A big snowstorm here is just an excuse to create -- yay! -- more snow!!! The lake effect picked up as soon as the snowstorm left and now there is not a snowbank in the city that isn't taller than me.

The weather forecasters are useless. "It's going to end at 1 p.m.," then "it's going to end at 1 a.m.," then "it's going to end at 7 a.m." Each time you fall for it. And you're shocked when you wake up or get out of work and "what the hell? ... MORE SNOW?????"

People not from this area ask me "well, how much did you get?" I don't know. After a few days of constant snow, you start to lose track. Or stop caring. Two feet? Three feet? It's all the same.

I should be used to this by now, where I live, the weather patterns. I should be used to this by now because of this winter season. It's been a wild one. But still I'm not. And all I can do is occupy myself with snow. Wake up. Then snow. Go to work. Then snow. Go to sleep. Then snow.

And, of course, wind. We can't forget about that. It makes you miserable and it fakes you out. Thursday night, I left work to go to the grocery store. I could barely see down the street as I drove because of all the snow. I went in the store and five minutes later when I came out, the snow had stopped. No snow. No wind. Hey, maybe it's done for the night. Maybe the weather people were right. So I go home for dinner. Half hour. Go outside to go back to work. It's a blizzard again. Ha, ha, wind says. Faked you out.

The worst part is I can't get anything done. Chores, errands, visits? Nope. Gotta deal with snow. Quick trip to Walmart/Target to grab some cards? Yeah, right. That's an accident waiting to happen. Unplowed parking lots with 15-foot high snowbanks. I'll wait til April to get another pack of 2014 Topps, thank you.

It's at this time that I hear pitchers and catchers are reporting. Ha, ha. How charming. We all know that's not really happening. There's snow way. (See what I did there?). But I hear all kinds of strange, exotic things. The Dodgers apparently are signing pitcher Paul Maholm. I had no idea. I feel so out of the loop. I can't even name all the Dodgers starters. There's Kershaw, Greinke, Ryu, Beckett, Billingsley at some point, and ummm ... and others. I'm sorry there's snow.

I'm sure some of you wish I would've written more about cards today. But I can't. There's work ahead. What work there is. Games keep getting postponed. Because of snow. It's been an endless cycle since the end of December. The only thing that ends up being played? Hockey. Because they're psychotic and drive through everything. "Come on, 3-year-old Joey and 4-year-old Missy, we've got to travel to Peterborough all night through a blizzard for a tournament." Oh, well, guess the game takes their mind off of all that snow.

But that's what was in the paper today. On the cover. One story about A-Rod and four stories about hockey. Plus a large photo of ... hockey.

Yup, pitchers and catchers ain't reporting nowhere.

That's a snow job if I've ever heard one.


Night Card Binder candidate: Paul Maholm, 2010 Bowman, #118
Does it make the binder?: Let me brush away some snow ... Yes it does


Great. Now I'm thinking about snow. Snow makes me think about iNFORMER. Now that song is stuck in my head. Thanks Night Owl.
Nachos Grande said…
I hate snow. We got a foot and that was more than enough (I have a 2-wheel drive and a gravel driveway that doesn't take kindly to a snowblower)... Needless to say, my Thursday was spent trying to carefully scrape a foot of snow off the drive. If it never snowed again it'd almost be too soon.
Only light snow up my way this weekend, and now I have "Informer" stuck in my head too. A licky boom-boom down.
BobWalkthePlank said…
Good old Paul Maholm. He was a pretty decent pitcher on some really bad Pirate teams. I got to meet him a few times in the mid 2000's during spring training. He was always nice and accomodating to autograph requests.
Mark Hoyle said…
We have had quite the winter up here in the northeast. Nothing like your experiencing . I will send up a piece of reading material I think you will find interesting . For one of your snowed in nights

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