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Who's going to the card show with me?

There's nothing like vehicle problems to suck the life out of a day off. What a time waster.

Fortunately, there is a card show a few days away and I can focus on all the gloriousness that lies ahead. I've yet to get some lists together for the show, mostly because of the previously mentioned vehicle along with other mundane life issues. So, right now I have a hazy idea of what I will be looking for, but only one card that I know that I will buying for sure.

It's the '75 Lopes you see here. Not too exciting. But I need it for the ol' Dodger binders, which are quickly taking over my collection.

I hope to hammer down a specific shopping plan tomorrow. You may remember that I will not be shopping just for myself. In recognition of surpassing 100,000 hits, I also will shop for a lucky winner who entered last week's contest.

Many thanks to the 60 folks who entered the contest. You are smart people. It's not every day someone volunteers to buy you cards that you specifically want from a card show with loads of goodie tables.

The winner has been determined in the usual random fashion. To appease Mr. Canuck, who lamented that the person entering first never wins a contest but then entered first anyway, I put through a rigorous workout. I randomized the list of 60 names 10 times. Why 10 times? Well, as the Captain knows, it is Ron Cey's number. No other explanation needed.

As I anticipated, I struggled to screen-capture the image of the final randomized list and never figured it out. I really need to get a clue in this area. So, that means I went through the process of copy and pasting all the names of the entrants.

But before you see the list, here is the contest winner:

And for people who are slow like me -- or just generally hate puzzles -- here it is in black and white:



I've never specifically asked for Braves cards that didn't have "Hank" on the front. This is going to be weird. If one dealer says to me, "You a Braves fan?" I might deck him.

I will be in touch with McCann Can Triple to make sure I tailor my purchases to her specific tastes. And I am so glad she has the tastes she does. I was a little worried about shopping for some of you.

But you also remember that I said I'd pick something up for the runner-up as well. So here is the full list in order:

1. McCann Can Triple
2. FanOfReds
3. packaddict
4. longlivethewho13
6. dogfaced gremlin
7. RoofGod
8. oldschoolbreaks
9. Play at the Plate
10. Brian
11. jacob mrley
12. AdamE
13. Captain Canuck
14. deal
15. MattR
16. JD's Daddy
17. firstngoal
18. TJ
19. Jonathan @ RGB Cards
20. Bo
21. TBRaysNews
22. the sewingmachineguy
23. Hackenbush
24. Dinged Corners
25. Offy
26. 30-Year-Old Cardboard
27. Spastik Mooss
28. Field of Cards
29. SingleDaddyof2
30. flywheels
31. Drew
32. Mark's Ephemera
33. Jim
34. B A Benny
35. Roy
36. fullman
37. Sooz
38. dayf
39. Spiff
40. zman40
41. Matt B.
42. Adam K.
43. TheBrooklynMet
44. madding
45. Two Packs a Day
46. The Diamond King
47. gcrl
48. Mariner 1
49. Ryan aka Orioles Magic
50. Motherscratcher
51. I Don't Know ... 3rd Base
52. Royals Scorecards
53. beardy
54. Dan
55. mmosley
56. Rod
57. Jeremy
58. Anthony K.
59. James
60. White Sox Cards

And that means FanOfReds is the runner-up. Now, in FanOfReds' comment, I wasn't quite sure if he was entering the contest or just passing along well-wishes. But unless he says he doesn't want to participate, then I'll be getting something for him, too.

Many thanks for your interest and passing along your collecting goals. That was the best part of the contest for me, seeing everyone's card interests all in one spot.

McCann Can Triple and FanOfReds, I'll see you at the card show. In spirit, anyway.

Everyone else, thanks for reading.


Jeremy said…
I didn't win this one, but thanks for hosting the contest anyway. Have fun at the card show and congrats on the 100,000+ hits!
TheBrooklynMet said…
Cool, congrats to McCann can triple, and thanks for running the contest Night Owl.
Captain Canuck said…
see? I told you 1st never wins... but a Braves fan did. So all is well.
Anonymous said…
In case I missed it elsewhere, or somehow read over in in the haze of a Tylenol PM induced semi-coma because I moved a pellet stove.. Where's the show?
zman40 said…
40th place? I can live with that.
longlivethewho said…
4th place seems a bit sweeter when it's Night Owl's list.
Boy am I late. How did I miss this?