Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why I still buy random packs

Easy mojo hunters. I didn't pull a "hit." What I did pull the other day was the Kershaw card you see here.

I bought a pack of 2008 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects. The one with Joey Votto on the pack wrapper. Why a box full of these cards is still sitting in my Target is baffling. But it suited my habit of plucking a pack here and a pack there of product I'm not really collecting.

I do this not only to find cards for fellow collectors, but to educate myself on what is out there. To me, it's a lot more fun than scanning ebay or other online sites. I have never liked window-shopping (which is why you probably won't see a Blog Bat-Around post from me this time). And every once in awhile I pull a card of someone that I collect.

This is the refractor version of the '08 Bowman Chrome Kershaw card. It was one of the "2 Bowman Chrome cards in EVERY PACK!" Bowman is so criminally confusing that it took a little research to figure out what I had (I could have merely looked at the back of the card in which the tiny words "refractor" are listed, but that would have been too easy).

This also happens to be card No. 70 in my Kershaw collection. Perhaps I will pick up another card or two of my man Clayton at the card show.

Oh, and this was card No. 69:

What a bizarre-looking card this is. This came from TJ of All Your Base Cards Belong To Us. It is the 2009 Wal-Mart black Kershaw from Topps Series 2. And you all know how difficult Topps made it to find Series 2 Wal-Mart black cards. TJ also sent the Blake DeWitt Series 2 black card. The two cards are the first Series 2 black Dodgers that I have seen.

The funny thing is TJ said he pulled this card from a purchase at Kmart, which confuses me almost as much as anything Bowman puts out.


  1. wal mart exclusive topps screwed up insert set pulled at a kmart...

    yeah, that sounds like topps.

  2. Maybe K-Mart didn't have an exclusive Topps insert and felt left out... So, they went to Wal-Mart for their packs and blasters. No? Hari Krishna's then.

  3. Were there any Jason Heyward auto's in there ?!

  4. I've been getting the black background "Wal-Mart" cards at K-Mart as well. Half price no less. I had never heard of them when I got the packs out of a blaster (I don't get out much ... or don't get to Wal-mart much). The cards took my breath away. I haven't absolutely LOVED a card that much since ... well, ever. I don't care if they're a gimmick. They're stinkin' AWESOME.