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Pack insanity

So, I had the day off today and drove all the way to the other side of town to that Rite-Aid to grab my two half-price 2009 Topps Chrome packs that I had left behind for a rainy day.

I'm glad that I was over there for a couple of reasons. First, apparently this is the day for all Canadians to migrate to my city. I tried to get gas today on my side of town. I almost got into three fender-benders in the mini-mart parking lot. All 12 of the pumps were busy. Seventy-five percent of the license plates were from Ontario. I was baffled. The check-out lady said it had been like that all day. I suppose it is holiday time. I don't know. Captain Canuck, help me out.

Secondly, I found a very cool pack of cards. There was only one pack. Apparently someone sneakily grabbed what was rightfully mine. But that's OK, because they didn't get the good one.

Here is what I pulled from the pack:

An awesome red refractor. Yes, it's a freakin' Rockie again, just like my boy Jeff Francis. But the pack was so cool I can't even complain.

Insanity. The next card was a blue refractor of Ian Kinsler. That is CRAZAY-ness. Right about then my heart was beating out of my chest. I knew I had a mutant pack on my hand.

Third card. Gracious, a gold refractor of Roy Halladay???? Holy smokes. The gold color appears to be off. Maybe that was why it was half price. But still -- wow.

Last card. Yes, a copper refractor of a Dodger! Mr. Martin! OMG!

Now, that is the greatest pack of ALL-TIME!


You don't believe that's "copper"?

Damn. Given away by my lousy MS Paint skills.

OK, how about this then:

Speaking of the Captain, I hear some of you guys would rather sit around and stare at pretty girls than come up with April Fool's Day posts.

I've got something for you.

You heard of the Abraham Lincoln Cubs variations, right? Of course you have.

Look at what I pulled yesterday (yes, crazy pulls on back-to-back days! Stop with all the questions!!! Leave me be!):

It seems some half-naked gal has replaced a coach in the Reds' dugout during a game against the Rockies. I do believe that's against the rules. And quite distracting.

Let's have a closer look:

Why it's former wrestling diva and generally awesome-looking Christy Hemme!

Now that is a variation worth pursuing. Abe is so played.

OK, that is all.

Enjoy the rest of your day. I hear there's a stamp-marathon going on here. The spelling is off, but if yu lik teh stampzes, itz kul.


Nachos Grande said…
I knew there was a reason I liked the Reds so much!
Captain Canuck said…
it's the thursday before a 4 day weekend. A Canadian National Law mandates that all gas stations must increase their gas price by at least .12 cents a litre. (around .45 cents a gallon)

this is not because of the holiday. It's just coincidence that it happens before EVERY easter and EVERY labour day. This is when refineries are the most costly to run apparently.

fear not, gas will return to normal next thursday. I can predict the future!
Drew said…
That was an amazing pack lol! Good one